Basketball: “Rich Paul Rule” Fails, Shows Athletes, Agents Taking Control of Sports Economics

The NCAA’s enactment and subsequent amendment of the so-called “Rich Paul Rule” is a sign that athletes and their prospective agents are eroding the NCAA’s hold on amateur sports revenue.

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NBA: AD Trade Benefits Extends From LA, NO To Bulls Regarding Draft Night

A story line that did so much to define the past NBA season came to its natural conclusion just 48 hours after Toronto clinched its spot atop the basketball world. Superstar Anthony Davis finally got the trade he (and Rich Paul and LeBron James to a lesser, but still significant degree) wanted.

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The Chicago Bulls Future, NFL Conference Championship Games and More On The D & Davis Show

The D & Davis Show, the guys break down the Chicago Bulls trading Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers and what is likely in the Chicago Bulls future with basketball […]

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