In the Scope: Ownership Title Discussion Highlights Homogeneous NBA Board of Governors

Draymond Green correctly highlighted the issues with the term “owner’ in the NBA, but he forgot to mention the lack of diversity in the league’s highest circle.

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Celebrating 9/29/98: A Great Day In Hip-Hop

It was an amazing year to continue a coming of age with a culture that was doing pretty much the same thing… There was too much money to be made, too many more mountains to climb and folks in the game knew how little help would be offered from the society around them.

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NBA Playoff, NFL Draft with a dash of Solange vs Jay-Z on D & Davis Tonight

Today on D & Davis Tonight, the guys will breakdown the Chicago Bears/NFL draft picks, NBA Playoffs, NBA coach changes, the fallout from Solange vs Jay-z, Donald Sterling interview with […]

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