Regal Radio: A Mission Statement

This video features all the principal members of Regal Radio, included with the founders are Ken Davis, co-host of the D and Davis Show on ChicagoLandSports Radio, Kyle Means and David Evans, on-air contributors and lead writers of this website. Regal Radio has been in business since 2009, this may be your first time hearing about this media outlet but we assure you that if you are here it won’t be your last time hearing us.

There are a lot of sports outlets out there from the Worldwide Leaders to the most independent of the indies- we lean towards the latter, but that independent spirit encompasses everything we’ve done and will continue to do. Our voice is ours and ours alone and we stand by what we say and project into the media landscape because we know what the hell we’re talking about. We are a diverse and experienced group with backgrounds in sports, entertainment, education and business and we will combine all our knowledge and hustle to bring you great discussion and programming with a Chicago-centric base and a worldwide view.

This blog will be updated as much as possible, reigning in the interesting and provocative things that our sports and current events media cycle brings every day, our social media accounts stay poppin and of course the heart of our operation, our online radio broadcasts, will come at you weekly with sharp talk and well-thought opinions from us and an array of expert guests. And with that said, if you are an established expert, an independent content provider or just someone who wants someone to hear them, we’d love if you hit us up on any of our pages, here or on our shows.

We want to build with as many passionate, intelligent and resourceful people as possible — this blog and our shows intend to be an outlet for anyone who falls in those categories. When we say We Are Regal Radio we do mean the Royal We — we all hold a great power potentially when we’re on the mike or when we post a page and when we use it we want to use it right and use it to benefit as many folks as possible.

To quote a man who truly knew the power of words — Muhammad Ali — and the world’s shortest poem — “Me, We.”


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