NBA: Opening Night Excites As League Storylines Clash Right Away

The NBA doesn’t give us much opportunity to miss it anymore but that doesn’t make Opening Night any less special as we approach it again today. To the contrary, the ever-busy off-season sort of makes tonight a rare climactic moment that will introduce a season full of them.

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WARR Power 5: Chiefs, Saints Prove Their Place Near Top

As discerning as we were with our votes, things can change awful quickly in the NFL and as we let the first week on our road to the second rankings (which we’ll do once every four weeks) pass we feel compelled to re-examine the 5, due diligence and all that.

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Monday Mean QB: Van Dyke Verdict Victory Marred By Unreasonable Fears

There was no reason for the good people of New Lenox, where Providence is located, to halt a trip to the city some 24 hours after the Van Dyke verdict was announced. There were no roaming gangs of looters in Woodlawn just like there were no Red, Black and Green death marchers in the loop, in fact there weren’t even protesters on Friday, merely demonstrators…

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