Champagne and Cam Payne: By The Numbers (Bull-ish)

While the Bulls are limited still in terms of talent and cohesion, they have proven to be a watchable product on most nights…So how to tell the interesting stories of the season’s first month? Statistics!

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Champagne and Cam Payne: To Tank or Not To Tank?

Considering that Markkanen, Valentine, Dunn and Portis have missed a combined 43 games this year, it’s fair to think the Bulls could be in the thick of the Eastern Conference. That’s not what many Bulls fans want to hear…

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Patience and Perseverance: A Letter of Appreciation To Chicago Legend D-Rose

This achievement not only shows that you still can play at an elite level, Derrick, but highlights the important lesson of perseverance and patience for all, a life lesson that has always spoke to me from throughout my childhood through my schooling and as I endeavor on my young sports journalistic career.

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