NFL: Some Offbeat Bets To Help Win Big On The “Big Game”

A lot is made of the final game of each NFL season — it’s a big deal to say the least — to the point where you’re not entirely sure whether you can call it the “Super Bowl” or if you’re restricted to calling it the “Big Game.”

Copyright restrictions, big commercial deals, corporate synergy, game-winning bonuses — all these things and more infuse themselves into the spectacle of the decisive moments where our most shared national sporting obsession comes to its yearly dramatic conclusion.

So is there any room for the average person to get inside the enormous money blowing machine that is the Super Bowl? Sure, there’s long been widely available information on each team for each season, in the age of the internet odds on who’ll reach the game float throughout the world wide web ready for the most “intensive” observers to make their most informed decisions.

For instance, “Bucs vs Chiefs Super Bowl odds” has to be one of the most popular searches of the moment as this year’s big game combatants — the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs — gear up for Sunday’s clash, one that could stand to be very close.

Of course, there’s also long been certain presumptions about those who would pay strict attention to things like odds, or more specifically moneylines, spreads and over/unders (all of which are showing to yield tight returns at the moment given current numbers). But you can’t really think of betters today as only coarse and grizzly cigar chompers who’d rather spend the Super Bowl at a casino or Off Track Betting instead of safe at home with family.

No, this Sunday it’ll be more likely you, your kids and your granny will each be in your den with one eye on the game and one on your phone, looking at the evolving odds on your betting app of choice or checking which prop bets are hottest at the moment.

Whereas the wide proliferation of sports betting across the United States, along with the entrenchment of betting parlance in sports coverage have both led to the explosion in instant betting, betting in general is figuring to decrease for the Bucs and Chiefs given pandemic-related economic difficulties.

It may very well be too much to ask the average, novice betting American to roll the dice on dwindling savings to try and win big behind the efforts of the “Old GOAT” Tom Brady or the “Baby GOAT” Patrick Mahomes, but there’s no reason why most can’t plop down a few dollars and possibly come away with a nice return, just a little fun to spice up what could already be a memorable championship game.

That’s what prop bets are for, traditionally they allow even the most casual football fans to have some say with this broad cultural moment that attempts to entertain all — and there’s certainly nothing more entertaining or engrossing than an event where you have some cash on the line.

So here’s a few “fun bets,” complete with popular current sources, to ease you into the brave new world of betting that isn’t going anywhere soon.

Mahomes 0.5 interceptions (Over +145): Of the harder-core prop bets, this one jumps out. Typically you would like Mahomes, one of the true artists of the quarterback position, to make mistakes to take his team out the game. Indeed, the play here is saying that it’s unlikely Mahomes gets even one pass picked, but take the play.

As outlined on, he’s going against a Tampa Bay defense that rushes QBs consistently and knows its gonna have to force at least one turnover to keep itself in the game with KC, let alone win. Expecting Mahomes to win is one thing, expecting him to be perfect is another.

National Anthem length 1 minute, 59 seconds (+/- 110): The National Anthem is one of the biggest deals at the Super Bowl outside of the game itself and the halftime show. It has provided a lot of electric moments (RIP Whitney), and at times it’s dragged a bit, making the wait to kickoff seem all the more interminable. One thing’s for sure each year, a popular entertainer is being tasked by the NFL with putting their own distinctive flavor on the beloved performance.

This year it is not only one performer, but two — Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church — being tasked in a duet performance. With the two powerful singers likely both wanting some time to dazzle and with the two not having any performance history together there may be a chance we’ll get a very memorable rendition of the anthem, which could be a good or bad thing. One thing’s for sure, they’ll need a minute each to do their thing.

Andy Reid removes mask first (+170): A more negligible, yet still field-based prop, this one pits the head coaches Andy Reid (KC) against Bruce Arians (TB) in a fight to see who will compose themselves furthest into the game. This is one of the most wide spreads we’ve seen for any bet related to Sunday as Arians is, according to TMZ Sports, a -250 (betting $250 to get $100) to remove his mask.

If you just want to win, the better play would be with the more emotional Arians, who is more likely to be leading a team playing from behind. But don’t sleep on Reid, especially with this line, which can get you $170 for a $100 bet. Both sidelines are gonna be under their fair share of pressure, and Reid is the bigger guy — better hope for a couple bad ref calls against his Chiefs.

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