3 and Out: Bears Hope Unhappy Endings Aren’t A Trend After Downer Regular Season Finale

Check out the new visual format of the 3 and Outs in the video above. Ryan will be back after every game with new commentary exclusive to WARR Media on YouTube.

The NFL has closed its books on the 2020 regular season and now in the fresh reveal of a new year, there’s only the process left of exposing the fakers from the real contenders en route to deciding another champion.

Backing your way into the proceedings may be a way to create a memorable entrance, but it doesn’t do much to inspire confidence that you’re going to stay long. After a 35-16 defeat to the NFC North Champion and conference top seed Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears are in just such a position and most are looking at them to be Wild Card busy work for a Saints team that could make a Super Bowl run.

This past Sunday was another ugly addition to the ongoing story of the NFL’s oldest rivalry, a rivalry that has become extremely one-sided.

Just like at the end of last year, the Bears finish the year 8-8, but this season they had the mixed blessing of an expanded playoff format that worked to let them in, but only at the behest of the Arizona Cardinals, who were broken down enough to lose their way out, getting defeated by the Los Angeles Rams at the same time the Bears were taking their latest lumps from the Pack.

This coming weekend they will take on the Saints in New Orleans in a one-and-done situation — respect can be regained but that won’t likely happen with anything short of a potentially historic first-round upset. A lot of work and creative game planning will be key for the Bears in order to formulate any type of playoff run with the team as presently built.

But before we go too far in previewing the playoffs, let us take a step back and review the latest tough loss to the Green Bay Packers. 

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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