3 and Out: Pack Week Elevated As Bears Officially Invade NFC Playoff Picture

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Well, that was a thrashing by the Chicago Bears. In sort of a first result of its kind for 2020, the Bears continued their recent string of strong offensive showings, adding just as much stiff defense to this one as well as they completely dominated the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars, 41-17 Sunday afternoon in Florida.

Honestly, nothing about that result is surprising. The Bears have become one of the best bum slayers in football and these Jags are as bummy as it gets. The bigger surprise over the weekend — and the more impactful result — was the the Arizona Cardinals being beaten by the San Francisco 49ers, which put the Bears in complete control of their playoff lives entering the final week of the regular season.

Now two different results can propel the Bears into the post-season: a Chicago win, obviously, but a fall-back option exists as well if the Cards lose, which would negate the possible outcome of the Bears losing to the arch-rival Packers, who tend to spoil occasions like these for the Bears.

The NFL couldn’t have drew up the drama any better as its oldest rivalry will play out some of the final loose playoff implications in front of most of the country on Sunday afternoon. In fact, the other affected game — between Arizona and the Los Angeles Rams — will be on at the same time on CBS, so it will be a good week to have two screens available.

But before the big game day there’s going to be a lot to break down for this all-important Packer week. Here, we begin to look ahead by looking back at Sunday’s win and what everything means now that the Bears’ universe is all upside down.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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