3 and Out: Credit For Competing Not Enough in Bankrupt Bears’ Most Inexplicable Loss Yet

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Sunday, December 6th of 2020 may be now known as the day the Chicago Bears hit rock bottom as a franchise.

No doubt much, if not all of Bears Nation, understood this team had problems — that was painfully evident after five losses in a row — but this latest one, the sixth consecutive, is really bad.

After their ugly 34-30 loss at home to the division rival Lions 34-30, Bears upper management and ownership now sit square under the microscope of an increasingly unruly fan base and a media contingent sick of the same non-answers regarding play that speaks for itself in the worst way week after week.

No amount of deceptively earnest coach speak or sparse front office talk is really a concern to the Chicago faithful at this point. All fans want to hear is a direct declaration from team chairman George McCaskey regarding if he is firing anyone or not.

On a unanimous level (or damn close), fans and followers of the Bears want a change from the top down, starting with president Ted Phillips and rolling down at least to general manager Ryan Pace.

Losses like Sunday are catalysts for change, but given the history of Bears ownership at this types of moments anything is on the table — that means we’re all just as liable to get what we don’t want as we are what we do want in the weeks to come. Again, confusion and an inability to clearly execute is not only the Bears calling card on field, but off it as well.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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