4th and Goal(s): Lions, As Usual, Are Around to Let Bears See Things Always Could Be Worse

It has certainly been a while since the Chicago Bears have won a football game (49 days to be exact come kickoff Sunday), but hosting the Detroit Lions this week is as good of an opportunity for a win as any.

Both of these teams have been pretty inconsistent — leading, in Detroit at least, to the recent firing of Detroit’s head coach and general manager. But with another loss, especially a bad one, and the Bears ownership may not be too far away from choosing the same endgame that the Lions did.

Another strange element — honestly shocking more than strange — to this match-up is the playoff implications that are involved. The Bears are still alive but they need to bring out their inner desperation immediately because a loss could officially deal a fatal blow to their playoff chances.

Of course, it has felt like each week has been gut check time over the past few weeks, but without a doubt against this particular opponent the Bears have hit gut check time. Here’s more on how the Bears can get a victory Sunday and keep their season alive.

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Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference

1st Goal

Mitch, Take Two — Okay I guess quarterback Mitch Trubisky was…. (try to make an excuse hereblanking…blanking…). Look, he does pretty close to great against the Lions, he’s also as consistent against them as he is any other opponent.

Maybe this week, against one of the teams he has truly thrived against, Trubisky will finally flash something in the realm of promise again.

2nd Goal

Lines Keep on Movin’ — The most recent offensive line shuffle showed promise that has been missing for perhaps the whole season. This Lions defense allows a lot of points and a lot of yards, meaning that the O-line has another chance at a game where they can leave an impact.

3rd Goal

Defensive Struggle — Everyone is entitled to a misstep — heck, Trubisky just got sort-of excused a couple goals ago. One misstep is fine, two would be a trend and the Bears can’t afford any more bad trends proving bad play, especially from what has been the bedrock of the team.

4th Goal

Time is Limited — The Bears have good shots to win each of their remaining games, but only a couple games look like truly favorable match-ups for the Bears.

It will be key for the Bears to approach each remaining opponent with a previously unseen desperation and use that to bring energy, which often helps bring wins. The Lions are a good first step to that degree.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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