3 and Out: What Else Can Be Said? Bears Flattened By Packers Again

Check out the new visual format of the 3 and Outs in the video above. Ryan will be back after every game with new commentary exclusive to WARR Media on YouTube.

Seems like results only come in two forms when the Chicago Bears travel to Green Bay to face the Packers: usually either a tough loss or an embarrassing one.

Sadly, the latter happened again, unmercifully in front of the nation’s eyes on Sunday Night Football as the Bears lost 41-25. Yes folks, it was ugly, and for all the usual reasons we’ve seen the Bears lose control both of their historic series with Green Bay and of their latest season that once held promise back when the sun was setting past 6 p.m.

Week 11’s bye didn’t turn out to be the type of break that could spark the Bears. They will have to get back to work with even more desperation this week, especially after head coach Matt Nagy called out his players and coaches.

What answers can be provided at this point? What can possibly solve the systemic problems plaguing this team and franchise?

As crazy bad as things are for the Bears, they have themselves four winnable games in a row coming up before playing the Packers in the season finale. Dare I say playoffs are still a possibility?

Well, they are and for those hoping the Bears can draft a new quarterback in 2021, there’s also the distinct possibility of entrenchment into the top ten in the draft with a couple more subpar performances.

For a few more detailed thoughts on the latest Bears loss and these specific sub-topics, take a listen in the video above.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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