4th and Goal(s): Cheeseheads Look Tasty As Refreshed Bears Return to Hunt

After a nice long bye week, the Chicago Bears got some rest, but likely not much relaxation because the team has had to devote itself to a totally important game at the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football.

These types of games haven’t gone too well in the past for the Bears in recent history, not many throughout Bears Nation feels good about this game. The main reason for the pessimism is the fact the Bears are one of the worst offenses in football.

If fans were looking for change, well it’s coming, but it might not provide the desired results in this one.

Can the Bears find a way to put together the offense it needs after the bye? Of course, the story for the team in a positive way has been the defense, but these Packers can score a lot of points and have some terrific play-makers at their disposal — even containing them may not mean the game will be in the Bears’ control.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference

Oh, and not to mention, that this is a very important game for the Bears, arguably a must-win. If the Bears’ don’t want the remaining five games following this one to be so pressurized they need to take care of business Sunday night. Here are the four goals for the Bears to be victorious this Sunday.

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1st Goal

Right Man Under Center — All signs point to Mitch Trubisky being the starter Sunday night barring some unforeseen development. As much as the team as a whole is feeling like its getting one more chance, Trubisky has to feel most like the single player who has to do the most to make this work. It will be key that Trubisky do something to help boost the offense.

2nd Goal

Speaking of… — Of, course, it isn’t just the quarterback that has to be better. Better is a word that should be on the mind of everyone on the roster and the coaches as well. Moving as one, the focus of each person representing Halas Hall has to be for a “boost of offense” to occur. Make no mistake, the Bears will need offense to win this game.

3rd Goal

Defense to the Rescue — As with any other week in the season, the defense will have to be a catalyst in gaining a victory. Some good and bad news has emerged on the injury front to that degree. Regardless of who’s available, the rest of the group must be ready to step up.

4th Goal

Time is Limited — Even with a loss this Sunday the Bears playoff hopes are still alive but the potential fracturing or fraying in the locker room could become an issue if the team has to internalize a five-game losing streak.

Plenty of winnable games are left, but things can change quickly in the negative for a team that can’t play up to its ability. A quality performance against the Packers would seem to be an ideal launching point to better performances.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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