3 and Out: Bears Stuck On Neutral After Another Painful Loss

Check out the new visual format of the 3 and Outs in the video above. Ryan will be back after every game with new commentary exclusive to WARR Media on YouTube.

This Sunday saw a slightly better performance, but familiar results ruled the day as the Chicago Bears lost in overtime to the New Orleans Saints 26-23.

In their second loss in a six-day span, the Bears improved on a limp Monday Night performance in Los Angeles and kept this game close, but familiar troubles reared their ugly heads again while some new ones popped up and slapped the heads of others.

Once again, the offense was inconsistent with too many errors coming both before the ball snap and afterward. Flashes of good play could be seen, but rarely have they been strung together to collect needed points as Chicago tests itself with better competition.

Defensively, the team played solid again and continues to keep a very poor offense in games.

That being said, the defense hasn’t been capitalizing on their own opportunities to make an even greater impact, such as with turnovers or keeping opponents out the red zone, though the Bears continue to be one of the NFL’s best defensive units within the final 20 yards of play.

Going back to the drawing board is once again all that the Bears are left to do. Another tough opponent is on the schedule for this coming weeken in the Tennessee Titans, who should be pissed off themselves for losing bad on Sunday too.

Time is rapidly wasting and its looking less likely the Bears will be able to take advantage of their hot 5-1 start to the season. More urgency is needed at Halas Hall, the familiar showings they are offering are leaving more and more observers turned off from this team.

Beyond Troy Aikman’s indifference, here is what else was learned about the Bears from this game.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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