3 and Out: Bears Face Harsh Realities After Embarrassing Monday Night Performance

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A Monday Night whooping on national TV has Bears nation in a frenzy as the Los Angeles Rams took down the Chicago Bears 24-10, killing any chance of a true high being developed for a team that was looking to invade the top of the NFC.

The completely flat loss showcased the quintessential Bears effort most fans are all too familiar with when the team tries to play above its metaphorical weight class.

Still heavyweights, the defense did a solid job keeping up a fight on behalf of itself and the lightweight offense. Neither phase was assisted well by a helpless special teams that was boxed in drive after drive by arguable player of the game, Rams punter Johnny Hekker.

Given an early opportunity to take the No. 1 seed in the NFC, the Bears instead squandered their chance and are left with question after question.

Offensively, the Bears are as broken as a stepped-on 45”. Frankly, it’s 2019 all over again with one of the worst offenses in football dragging down a quality, playoff-ready defensive corps. Yet still with the all the questions and problems surrounding the team, the Bears did buy themselves time to figure things out with their 5-1 start, its just that now they can’t say they’re a step above the other good teams in the NFC.

Do they have enough time or enough answers in them to turn things around? It’s clear most of the team is not progressing with their play — a turnaround will be needed if Chicago is going to truly compete in the weeks ahead.

Hopefully the Bears brass are already hard at work trying to come up with answers. For now, let us all dive in together into the waters of a very disparaging defeat with our three biggest takeaways. 

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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