3 and Out: Wheels Keep Turning As Bears Keep Winning

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The Chicago Bears are 5-1 in this still young NFL season. All good, right?

Well, not necessarily, given the discerning eyes of Chicago Bears fans.

Bears fans can be forgiven with not dealing with success in the best way — so rarely do they deal with success on a pure level, plus those who watch the team most have the best understanding of the team’s pluses (which have led to the winning record) and the team’s minuses (which have led the team to winning its five games by a combined 20 points).

Nonetheless, the Bears went into Carolina Sunday and defeated the Panthers 23-16. More of the same continued from last Thursday’s win against the Buccaneers — the defense continued its progression and made more of an impact rushing the passer.

Offensively, there was the same “Ipecac-like” feeling from watching them execute. Pretty soon these games will need to come with a disclaimer: “Bears offense might induce vomiting.” Head coach Matt Nagy has a lot of work to do still as whenever he leaves his mark on the game it doesn’t come with clever play calling or consistent yardage gain, more like questionable play calls that either tempt turnovers or stop promising drives in their tracks.

Regardless of the multiple sources of frustration, the Bears sit atop the NFC North and are looking more and more like a lock for the playoffs in spite of the calls to dissect the team and disregard it because of uneven play.

Here’s a deeper look into the latest “we will take it” victory by the Bears.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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