4th and Goal(s): Bears Prepare for Revealing National Test on Thursday Night

Surely, the Chicago Bears team and its faithful can be grateful on some level that a quick turnaround exists for the team after such a disappointing loss on Sunday.

What has to be faced this Thursday night, though, proves to be no less of a challenge than the Indianapolis Colts were. In fact, its in many ways another step up, complete with the unflinching gaze of a national stage as the Bears host quarterback Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This Bucs team has been playing pretty well as of late, arguably better each week in three wins since losing in Week 1 to the New Orleans Saints, who they are looking to keep pace with in the NFC South.

As for the hometown team, many issues reared their ugly heads in the awful loss to the Colts. Head coach Matt Nagy and crew will have to find a way to turn the page quickly and get ready for another stiff challenge. Talk is cheap when it comes to the Bears shortcomings — whether its regarding the up and down pass rush or the often disappearing offensive line or the run game, now is the time to show it.

The Bears better have a “now or never” type mentality for this game because time is ticking and the stunning carriage that carried the team through September looks good for a pumpkin transformation as October continues. Lets hope the Bears can avoid going out like Cinderella and accomplish these four goals en route to a victory.

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Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference

1st Goal

What you got, Nagy? Sunday saw a dreadful game for Nagy when he and his team were blasted by the Colts. Too much has been made of Nagy’s strengths as Bears coach and not enough results have shown from what he supposedly brings to the table. A lot of attention is gonna be on the Bears offense in this game, its time for the offensive guru to flex his muscle.

2nd Goal

Offensive Rebound — In particular, we need to see a rebound for the offensive line, which emerged Sunday as a huge area of concern given how badly they were shoved around by the Colts. Shades of 2019 are emerging and that’s not a good thing, this offensive line needs to prove themselves against the Bucs.

3rd Goal

Pass on that Rush? — Some added star power and changing a few pieces around hasn’t lead the Bears to having the type of pass rush they anticipated having in 2020. Far too often this year that crucial team element has been silent and less than impactful on the game’s result.

On a national stage, against a statuesque quarterback in Brady, the Bears can make a big time statement and re-gain much confidence inside and outside of Halas Hall.

4th Goal

Scoring Time — Enough is enough. The Bears’ inability to score is as frustrating as any other issue on the team. In this game it will be paramount to eliminate said frustration and score points early and often. 

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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