3 and Out: Big Nick Takes Over, Bears Celebrate New Beginnings

Ed. note — check out the new visual format of the 3 and Outs in the video above. Ryan will be back after every game with new commentary exclusive to WARR Media on YouTube.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Chicago Bears and their history, usually the franchise’s most beloved quarterback at any time, by fans at least, is the team’s back-up.

That theory may be tested going forward, because the back-up today is Mitchell Trubisky, given that Nick Foles fulfilled his Chicago destiny Sunday by taking over the QB position and leading a wild 30-26 comeback victory over the Falcons.

But back to the theory of why the back-up is often so favored in Chicago: it basically boils down to the common futility of the average (in more ways than one) starting quarterbacks that the Bears choose to ride with. Trubisky, for all his positivity and determination, has defined that futility, and by the time of his interception returned deeply into Bears territory early in the third quarter he played out his string and coach Matt Nagy had no option but to pull him.

Sunday’s addition to the book of Bears backup quarterback lore is as unique as any there’s been, as Foles was clearly coronated and given the starting position instantly. There is no controversy to come, no last ditch effort that Trubisky can provide to redeem himself. The team is moving on.

Clearly you can see why that has to be the case by looking at what constituted the Bears’ comeback from a 26-10 deficit to the 30-26 win — the major difference in this game was getting the right guy under center.

A new chapter in this season feels fresh, and right. Plus, with the talent that’s around Foles on the team, and the new stability throughout the team’s coaching ranks, the idea of this team contending in the NFC might not be out of the question.

Stay tuned Bears fans as the story lines keep unfolding for the 2020 Bears, but before we move ahead, lets take a look back on yesterday’s thrilling win in Atlanta.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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