3 and Out: Comeback In the Motor City Provides Rare Week 1 Victory

Ed. note — check out the new visual format of the 3 and Outs in the video above. Ryan will be back after every game with new commentary exclusive to WARR Media on YouTube.

Wow, just wow.

No other words can come to mind after running back D’Andre Swift dropped a game winning touchdown pass and the Bears would hang on to win 27-23.

“Wow!,” would also be an appropriate way to the horrible first three quarters from quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who in the fourth flipped a 180 that Tony Hawk would be proud of and looked like a boss to power the Bears’ comeback. The wows weren’t limited to the offense, as another wow could describe the mind-boggling poor play from the defense, a big culprit in putting Chicago in a 23-6 hole that looked to ruin the season before it even began.

This game won’t be recorded in the annals of NFL history, but it was entertaining nonetheless. How the heck did the Bears win that game?

Don’t worry the answers are in the video above — check out the latest 3 and Out to get the skinny on this Bears victory.

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and professional football for WARR

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