“Last Dance”: Scoop B Breaks Down Series With Present-Day Bulls; Grant Speaks His Mind On Mike

“The Last Dance” has concluded, but the after party has continued through this week.

Everyone has had opinions about the big event, which chronicled the final Chicago Bulls championship season as it never has been. The re-ignited attention given to the dynasty-era Bulls has made everyone associated with the franchise hot for the moment as well. Arguably this has been the coolest time to be a Bull since 1998.

Two pretty cool present Bulls, Coby White and Ryan Arcidiacono, chopped it up with our man Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson about the series and a lot more right before the airing of episodes 9 and 10 of “The Last Dance” this past Sunday, enjoy their entire segment on Facebook or straight from Scoop himself on “Scoop B Radio.”

Of course, the Bulls from the Jordan era have let themselves be known plenty both within the confines of the 10-hour documentary and outside it, and it always hasn’t been complimentary, not of the series itself and especially not of its main subject, Michael Jordan.

Horace Grant, both an important teammate and opponent of the ’90s Bulls, took some lumps in the documentary and he’s let off a lot of pointed remarks in the wake of the last episodes, primarily to ESPN 1000’s David Kaplan, and Grant is hardly finished.

The sportsbook website BetOnline.ag is giving Bulls fanatics one more go-around with several Bulls who got more to say about the championship era — hosted by Kaplan and including Grant, Craig Hodges, Ron Harper and Bill Cartwright, what’s being called “The Final Dance” promises to provide some final, choice words on the Bulls dynasty.

Check out these exclusive clips below featuring the guys and visit www.betonline.ag this Sunday at 6 p.m. CT (7 p.m. ET) for the special, one-hour broadcast.

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