ICYMI: WARR Media at Premiere of D-Wade Documentary “Life Unexpected”

The last two weekends have been monumental for Dwayne Wade.

As the 2020 All-Star Game was held in Chicago last weekend, Wade played a role as a co-host and ambassador, bathing in his “just-retired” glow as he was also held up as a representative of the proud Chicago basketball tradition that was put front and center of the week’s experiences.

Among those experiences was the premiere of Wade’s self-produced documentary “D. Wade: Life Unexpected,” which premieres this evening on ESPN.

The Thursday before the All-Star Game an impressive collection of media and celebrities converged on the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago with Wade himself and the filmmakers who followed the NBA legend for over a decade to depict this unprecedented look into the private life of a very public man whom we thought we already knew so much about.

WARR Media was represented at the event by our co-founder and co-host of The D & Davis Show, Demonze Spruiel. Check his and the show’s social media for even more photos and video from the event, here is a selection of shots D took from the premiere.

Back to Wade, who continued his celebrating back in his adopted home of Miami in “Wade County” as he likes to call it now.

The slings and arrows of recent controversy, brought on so consistently by Wade’s revelation of his son Zion’s transition into identifying as a woman named Zaya Wade, wouldn’t seem to effect him in Miami as it would elsewhere.

Wade has allowed his tough upbringing in Chicago and its suburbs to still mean a lot to him, but since 2003 he’s been in love with the M-I-A and this weekend they’ve given the love back with a lavish jersey retirement ceremony, almost as lavish as the single he released with Rick Ross this week that also helped commemorate the occasion.

Dwyane Wade Honored by Heat with Tribute Video During Jersey Retirement Ceremony (Bleacher Report)

The name Dwayne Wade may not mean the same to you now as it did when he was a rising star at Richards High School and Marquette or when he was one of the faces of the NBA and riding high with LeBron James, but Wade has obviously taken a stand that is based in love and that puts his family above everything else while also promoting the ideals of understanding and personal rights that shouldn’t be so hard to explain in this day and age.

As his first legacy based in basketball becomes cemented in time, Wade and his family are beginning to establish themselves as leaders of another sort — an unexpected, but likely long-lasting role that could have an even greater impact.

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