NFL: Ravens Running The League In Latest All-32 Power Rankings

The closest thing to a phenomenon in the NFL this season has been the Baltimore Ravens and their ever-explosive quarterback, Lamar Jackson, who has established himself as the League’s most talked about weapon in his first full season as a starter.

Twelve games into the season, the Ravens have proven themselves to be more than hype, they bring it too and do so against the best in the league. With wins over the Patriots, the Texans, the Rams and the 49ers in the past five weeks, Baltimore is a clear No. 1 in our third set of power rankings, leaping up from No. 7 in our list made at the beginning of November.

The two teams who topped that last power ranking both saw up close how powerful the Ravens are, but only San Francisco remains in the top five. New England is still high at No. 6, but the two AFC teams who beat them in the past month — the other being the fast rising, AFC South-leading Houston Texans — are ahead of them as are three NFC teams as the older conference continues to be the more competitive in 2019.

Check out the complete list (and we do mean complete, for the first time with all 32 NFL teams ranked) with commentary from its creator, Ryan Bukowiecki, who’ll be back with WARR Media Editorial Director Kyle Means with new episodes of All-32 and Bear Necessities this week on the WARR on Anchor podcast channel.

1. Baltimore Ravens

2. New Orleans Saints

3. San Francisco 49ers

4. Seattle Seahawks

5. Houston Texans

6. New England Patriots

7. Green Bay Packers

8. Kansas City Chiefs

Ryan’s Take: These top eight teams are the best overall teams in football right now.

Some of these teams have big weaknesses, like the Chiefs defense or the Patriots offense, but looking at teams after the top eight and you see questions at vital areas such as quarterback, consistency and leadership. If you are a betting person, the Super Bowl representatives will likely come from this group.

The class of the NFL is represented by these eight teams, all tiers below this one need to figure out what they are missing to either get in the playoffs or be in the elite class next season.

9. Buffalo Bills

10. Minnesota Vikings

11. Tennessee Titans

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

13. L.A. Rams

14. Indianapolis Colts

15. Oakland Raiders

16. Chicago Bears

Ryan’s Take: Here is the parody group of the NFL and as you can see there are a lot. These confounding teams have the tools to be a consistent winner but for whatever reason the consistency isn’t there.

Some of these teams have quarterback issues, coaching issues, or simply not enough overall talent. But on any given Sunday, these teams can look like world beaters and show off an impressive win.

A lot of teams in this group are still in playoff contention, the question is if a couple teams can improve over the final month and be a real challenge come January.

The Rest of the Rest

  • 17. Cowboys
  • 18. Browns
  • 19. Buccaneers
  • 20. Jaguars
  • 21. Eagles
  • 22. Broncos
  • 23. Panthers
  • 24. Lions
  • 25. Cardinals
  • 26. Falcons
  • 27. Chargers
  • 28. Washington
  • 29. Jets
  • 30. Giants
  • 31. Dolphins
  • 32. Bengals
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