All-32 Power Rankings: Mahomes is the Homie and KC Tops Our First List

Last year we premiered our “Power 5” rankings here at WARR. With an intent on finding a consensus out of about 10 of our most frenzied NFL fans, we took votes and singled out who we thought was the best of the best in the league after each quarter of the NFL season.

This year the mission continues, but we go deeper as we narrow the lists input to the hosts of our new league-wide recap podcast, the “All-32” — Ryan Bukiowiecki and Kyle Means (who also head up our “Bear Necessities” pod, listen to both each week on WARR on Anchor).

You can listen to the All-32 episode where we figured out our first “Sweet 16” right here and make sure to check back with us at the end of October for our next rankings.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

With their terrifying offensive attack and the presumptive back-to-back MVP, Patrick Mahomes, no one has impressed more in a 4-0 start than KC. The close shave at Detroit was unexpected, but it may have been a good sign to see the Chiefs steal a game on the road.

2. New England Patriots

Slow starts, be damned. This year the Pats didn’t play games in September and they stiff-armed upset-minded Buffalo last week to keep themselves on pace for another AFC East title.

3. New Orleans Saints

The Saints have finished their last three games without Drew Brees — at the Rams, at Seattle and against Dallas — and won them all (correction: two of three – ed.). Not a good sign at all for the rest of the NFC.

4. Seattle Seahawks

Still rock solid and Russell Wilson is putting up numbers as good as he’s ever put up. Only NO has figured them out and it’s very likely Seattle wants a chance to run that back again.

5. Green Bay Packers

Leading with a tiebreaker in possibly the toughest division in the League. The only team to shut-down the Bears and out-do their defense enough for a win. They can likely leapfrog Seattle if they take down Dallas this week.

6. Chicago Bears

7. Dallas Cowboys

8. San Francisco 49ers

The remainder of our top-8 is all dangerous with tough defenses and proud traditions they all are looking to live up to. SF may have been higher if not for a bye this past week. Them ‘Boys can make a big statement this week against Green Bay.

9. L.A. Chargers

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

11. Philadelphia Eagles

12. Buffalo Bills

The Bills still need to prove themselves if they want in the top-10 despite the winning record, they actually may have the best playoff chances out of these four teams. Bucs are benefiting from a big coaching upgrade (Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich) and the 55 they dropped at the Rams powered the post impressive win from this bunch.

13. Cleveland Browns

14. Houston Texans

15. Baltimore Ravens

16. Jacksonville Jaguars

A group of 2-2 teams closes out the top half of the league in our rankings. These teams are all within range of their respective division titles which is more than we can say for the likes of Detroit, Carolina and Oakland — teams who we would have likely seen if we extended the list to 20.

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