Cubs: WARR Maddon Survey Outlines How North Siders Should Move On

As expressed in the tweet above, the Cubs’ dismissal of Joe Maddon after five years of winning baseball and overall the most successful run the North Siders have had in 100-plus years is an emotional event.

Emotional as it is, the reporting coming from Wrigley would have you believe that it was a decision that was seen as mutually beneficial and that had reached an appropriate time of execution.

Something else that should reach an appropriate time of execution (i.e. – quickly) is the Cubs’ finding a replacement for ol’ Joe. Surely, the Cubs won’t find someone who can match the working class sage wisdom and emotional genius that was so associated with Maddon, but should Theo Epstein find (or stumble into) the right guy, much like he did with Maddon in late 2014, then he will extend a precious window of World Series contention that many Cubs faithful have to fear could shut completely in the wake of the franchise’s greatest skipper having to find a new, likely sunnier (maybe?), place to ply his trade.

Of course, Maddon could also travel not very far to find his next job. The White Sox are in a very similar position to where the Cubs were in the wake of the 2014 season, but there’s not really anything in their current situation or their history that would suggest the South Siders being capable of making such a bold move. Not looking into it at all tho? That does seem like a regrettable choice for a club with such current promise.

Here to answer a couple questions related to these ponderings are several of our WARR faithful.

1. Who should the Cubs hire to replace Joe Maddon?

Joshua Hicks, Senior Writer – I believe they should hire either David Ross or Mark DeRosa.

Ryan Bukowiecki, Senior Writer – The next manager should be someone that’s a great leader and bullpen manager. I’d shoot for the moon and try to snatch Craig Counsell from Milwaukee. I guess David Ross can be the last resort.

Ken Davis, The D & Davis Show – Another credible, top-tier manager — a Joe Giraldi or Mike Scioscia (I know he’s retired) would be best, or short of that the best prospect from either the Dodgers, Rays, Red Sox or Houston benches if they want to look young. 

Sean Terry, WARR co-founder – I’d love to see the next manager come from outside the brain-trust – someone with chops enough to bring fresh perspective, command the respect of the club’s stars from day one, while also being capable of handling the fan pressure and media scrutiny that’s inherent with Cubs. Two names that made me perk up are Carlos Beltran and Sandy Alomar Jr.

2. Who actually will replace Maddon?

JH – I believe David Ross will get the job

Chris Pennant, Senior Writer – I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Girardi’s phone is ringing in a couple of days. A laissez-faire manager getting the ax usually means hiring someone of the opposite style coming in, and that is definitely Girardi.

RB – Sounds like Mark Loretta is a favorite and would not be surprised if the name is very underwhelming with this hire.

ST – Ross knows the program and has the credibility within the front office and inside the locker room. It’s his job to take.

3. Should the White Sox go after Maddon and make Rick Renteria the next Chicago Dogs manager?

JH – I think that wouldn’t be a bad move. Maddon brings the experience of working with bringing a young team of prominence to a championship level and I believe he might consider the challenge of creating history to become the first manager to bring a title to both franchises of the major city. 

CP – Why not? They already have a loose team that wants to start winning when it counts. I don’t know how everyone would react to the costume road trips (Yoan pops into my head as a guy who wouldn’t wear a onesie) but I think Ricky has taken this squad as far as he can.

RB – The Sox couldn’t afford Maddon if the L.A. Angels are targeting him or the San Diego Padres. The White Sox need to upgrade at manager if they are going to take the next step but I don’t think Maddon is that guy.

KD – Hell yeah, but the Sox are too loyal. 

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