Watch: ICYMI, The 100-Year Game Was Super Bowl Sunday’s Best Action

Given how much the NFL and CBS was charging for each 30 seconds of time to advertise during Super Bowl 53, its kind of embarrassing for dozens of companies and brands that the League itself put forth the best commercial of the evening.

Of course, the League itself should also be embarrassed that its two-minute “100-Year Game” spot also blew away any random two minutes offered by the Patriots and Rams in their record-low scoring championship game as well.


It certainly helped that a few dozen of the game’s greats from past and present played a role in the banquet gone bad and the wacky and farcical premise of the ad, as set up by Marshawn Lynch’s unfortunate reach for some cake, was fully played for high-impact laughs as directed by veteran action director Peter Berg.

What was beautiful about the ad was how it balanced a not so serious take on the League with a sort of mythic exaggeration that you can argue takes you back to being a kid and watching these impossibly large and athletic guys perform on the field at a level you couldn’t imagine.

The league even progressively gave a nod to a possible future where women could actually have a role in the game, as seen by the inclusion of teenage trailblazer Sam Gordon in the mix with the legends.

Though most of the guys aren’t as sharp physically as they were coming up, they still are great reps for the game and if this ad is any indicator, the marketing for the NFL’s 100th anniversary, which we’ll all be inundated with for the next year, could actually be fun, which is something the NFL can always use more of.

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