Bulls: Trade Options Arise As Parker Gets Closer To Door

It’s getting more and more certain that Jabari Parker’s time as a Chicago Bull will end with the beloved Chicago native being traded away from his hometown team.

This week, as new head coach Jim Boylan continues to “shock” while providing little “awe,” the Bulls announced that Parker will not be a regular member of Chicago’s rotation going forward as reported by Malika Andrews of ESPN.

Parker has compiled serviceable offensive numbers (15.2 points per game, 6.9 reb,) in his time as a Bull but has been criticized in social media for lack of effort or general disorientation on defense, which shouldn’t be surprising for a player who stated that NBA players aren’t paid to defend. For you analytics types, Parker is also putting up career lows in Win Shares (-0.2) and PER (12.6) as a Bull.

It shouldn’t be a surprise either that Parker’s philosophy on being a pro puts him at odds with Boylan who wants the young Bulls to fall in line as grinders and effort guys from here out.

While Parker is under a 2 year, $40 million dollar contract with Chicago, he is not looking like an inflexible trade option, as is being reported by multiple outlets in the past 24 hours, including our guy Scoop B over at Heavy.com, with some assisting from our very own Josh M. Hicks.

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Helping Parker’s moveability is the fact that the second year of his contract is a team option, meaning that no one who takes him on would have to come out $20 million next year if they don’t want to, he can be let go easy in the summer of 2019.

And as reported by ESPN’s Bobby Marks (ESPN+ membership required), a team that would have to take on Parker’s $20 million would have to give up at least $15 million in salary to the Bulls, which could open the Bulls to some interesting suitors on the trade market.

The Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson has tweeted today that there is “considerable interest” within the league and as stated in Scoop’s piece via Josh, some of the best options may have been on the table for Parker last summer, including the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat.

In either case or with another suitor, given the financial obligations that would be involved in a Parker move, the Bulls may be in position to flip the Simeon Academy product for some useful talent, or they may use Parker as a dump and get more contracts that run out by 2019 or soon after while leaving the roster open for talents like rookie Chandler Hutchinson, who will benefit from Parker being out the rotation.  

Stay with WARR.com for more on the ongoing Bulls reconstruction and the ultimate landing place of Jabari Parker.

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