WARR Power 5: Chiefs, Saints Prove Their Place Near Top

Week 5 of the NFL season brought about our first Power 5 ranking (plus another five contenders for the top list), voted on by our distinguished list of people whose names pop up automatically in the WARR email “:to” box.

As discerning as we were with our votes, things can change awful quickly in the NFL and as we let the first week on our road to the second rankings (which we’ll do once every four weeks) pass we feel compelled to re-examine the 5, due diligence and all that.

Here’s a quick summary of how our ranked teams did over the weekend and what stands ahead of them in the next couple weeks.

Top 5

  1. RamsBoosted up to 5-0 after an exciting road win at Seattle, coach Sean McVay whipped his on the table in a crucial 4th down conversion, showing that he and his guys are never scared.
  2. ChiefsIn the lone intra-5 battle K.C. got the better of our No. 3, Patrick Mahomes looked closer to human than he has all season but still put up big numbers. Chiefs defense looked as good as its looked all year. 
  3. JaguarsJags may be bound for the second five at best with another performance like it had Sunday. The offense looked as limited as it could look with Blake Bortles under center and the lauded defense forced TOs out of Mahomes but didn’t stop the Chiefs momentum.
  4. SaintsRolled on Monday night against a R*dsk*ns team that looks no better than the rest of that weak NFC East. NO’s offense is crazy though, now led by the leading yards passer in the NFL’s history.
  5. BearsDid just what they were supposed to on a bye week by passive-aggressively staying in first place in the NFC North. Things are still looking up but beware of Miami, who after two straight losses now may be in desperate need of a win at home this Sunday.


Among the other teams that got votes — Cincinnati, Baltimore, New England, Green Bay and Tennessee — only Cincinnati and New England won. None of the teams were particularly impressive, though the Patriots had the benefit of winning their game on a national Thursday Night Football telecast.

Still, the Pats seem to be bringing their offense together at the right time, with more pieces available than ever now that Julian Edelman is back off his cheating vacation. Edelman and Josh Gordon make for a potentially problematic but potent duo that Tom Brady should ride to the postseason and possibly the Power 5, especially if they overcome the Bears in Soldier Field in two weeks.

Cincinnati looks strong too in a so-far weak AFC North but Cleveland is learning more about winning each week and Pittsburgh got some of its swagger back in dominating Atlanta in their second half Sunday (remember Steelers: don’t stop throwing Antonio Brown the ball).

Cincy hosts the Steelers in a key game this Sunday and travel to K.C. the following week, win those two and we may be talking about a top-3 Bengals team for the next Power 5.

On the other hand, give the Steelers the win this Sunday and they can start taking control of their division in subsequent games against the Browns and at Baltimore. A 5-2-1 Steelers team (with Le’veon back, supposedly) would be a good candidate for the next contenders list.

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