WARR Power 5: Rams Top Our Initial Ranking of NFL’s Best

As another NFL season unfolds we here at We Are Regal Radio will keep trying our best to give you detailed and specialized coverage of what’s still the current national pastime.

As a treat during this Chicago Bears bye week we give you our first WARR Power 5 NFL rankings, compiled using votes by a trusted panel of WARR-associated followers of the League, which can be seen below.

We look forward to bringing you more Power 5 lists after each quarter of the NFL season. Still holding out from watching until you see Kaepernick on the field again? Don’t worry, we’ll let you know enough to still impress at the Super Bowl party you won’t be able to get out of in February.

As we kick off our first list let’s take a look at the best of the West. First place votes are in parentheses.

1. L.A. Rams (6)

By far the most impressive team in the NFL so far, showing out in every phase of the game and looked impressive in turning down a talented Minnesota team that was in need of a win last Thursday. As our voter Joe Tanksley put it this team is, “dominant on both sides of the ball” with “no holes in their roster.”

2. K.C. Chiefs (4)

The Rams once touted the “Greatest Show on Turf” and can once again argue for that title, but the greatest One-Man Show in the NFL today is Patrick Mahomes, who’s taken over the league in leading the Chiefs to their 4-0 start. Somebody has to be able to contain him, right?

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Duval, stand up! The Jags get much respect around here — featuring maybe the best all-around defense in the league (no disrespect, Bears) and an offense standing tall even without Leonard Fournette struggling to make the field. Their Week 2 win over New England is still the best single win a team can claim this season.

4. New Orleans Saints

Looking particularly good in the past two weeks, the Saints look to have the best offense in an NFC South that’s putting up a lot of points. Alvin Kamara may be the best backfield weapon in the league and Mark Ingram returns this week to help him wreak havoc.

5. Chicago Bears

Our panel is mostly Chicagoans but we’re not meatballs, nor are we blind to how great Da Bears have been in their first 4 games. Two words certainly have made the difference and Khalil Mack’s immediate impact is measured in his winning NFC Defensive Player of the Month. Can’t forget about the offense though, if the Bears rise up this list next time that’ll be why.


These teams also received votes from our panel, but not enough to make the Power 5 this quarter. Any one may be a threat to crack the 5 after Week 8, the best chances for that likely going to the Patriots and Packers.

6. Cincinnati Bengals 

7. Baltimore Ravens 

8. New England Patriots 

9. Green Bay Packers 

10. Tennessee Titans

#FollowFriday -- show love or give your (respectful) opinion to our voters: Kyle Means (@Wrk_Wrt), Ryan Bukowiecki (@ryanbski), Brandon Robinson (@ScoopB), Ken Davis (@ThatsDavis), Demonze Spruiel (@Demonze1), Tony Gill (@tonygill670), Joseph Tanksley (@BadMan_Tanksley), Josh Hicks (@jhicks042), Michael Bradford and Charles "Prodigy" Richey (@ProdigyRichey)

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