Instant Reaction: All-Pro LB Khalil Mack Headed To Chicago In Blockbuster

Talk about a Saturday shocker, a cut-day confusion, a Week 1 wonderment.

A number of wild happenings and unexpected developments have lead the Chicago Bears to collecting arguably the best linebacker and pass rusher in the NFL today — a contractually held now-former Oakland Raider named Khalil Mack who going forward now should be the main Monster stalking the Midway.

So, how does this happen? Arrogance on the part of Oakland and its new (old) coach Jon Gruden had to have played a role. An inability to do a deal with just about every other team in the league  — and that has to be a literal statement, cause who wouldn’t want Khalil Mack? Look at him.

Along with those previous two things it takes a pretty penny to bring Mack onto your roster regardless of how much Oakland may have wanted him out. For Chicago it looks like it’ll take at least two future first-round picks, and as anyone who follows the NFL knows first-round picks are valued more than many current roster players in many franchises given the promise they hold.

But the promise of Khalil Mack charging the quarterback on one side with Leonard Floyd on the other, with Danny Trevathan and Roquan Smith manning the middle, it represents a wealth of linebacker talent that Chicago hasn’t seen that damn team we can’t shake from the mid-1980s, it represents the kind of commitment to defensive excellence that Oakland once had and that the Bears are more inclined to make a part of their current identity out of respect for its glorious history at the position.

And as stated in the NFL Network video above, such a commitment will likely include paying Mack a record salary, the kind usually reserved for pretty boy QBs, but Chicago has its pretty boy secure in a rookie contract and several new talents surrounding him in comparable deals, we can mind an unexpected splurge from Halas Hall when it brings in the most thirsted-over defensive talent in the NFL.

Should The Mack lead a top-five defense that may be all, with coach Matt Nagy’s revitalized offense, to truly awaken what was so dormant under John Fox. Chicago football is back in business, the Monsters are awake and just in time to formulate a scary introduction in Week 1. The rest of the league needs to keep one eye open.

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