Instant Reaction: Its Showtime, Again! LeBron Signs To The Lakers

So, here we are, eight years after the initial flex that would shape the trajectory of his career and four years after the inevitable move that forms the base of his emerging legacy.

In 2018, we’re still talking about LeBron James’s decisions and with this latest one he may have topped not only any move he’s made but any move any free agent has made in NBA history.

Histrionics of all kind are to follow, but what you can see stitched together in the following tweets, each as breathless and anticipatory of this coming season as you could imagine an online transmission to be, is a rightful sizing up of King James, at 33 years old and 15 years into his reign as the greatest current talent in basketball, joining the most glamorous if not the most overall successful franchise in NBA history.

This is something, just what we’ll have to wait over the course of James’s 4 years and $154 million dollars promised to find out, but it is the latest in a series of moves that proves that following the NBA is just as satisfying in July as it is in November through June and even more so than a good deal of those months.

Like a one-man Olympiad, LeBron in some way manages to stop the world of sports every four years and in competition for his services everything resets and a new narrative arises to follow which we as a collective sports society adhere too until…well, I’d rather not get into why these moves have to be made. This is the fun time, this is the time for Los Angeles and its long suffering (for them at least) Purple and Gold faithful to feel like the nation with the most gold medals around their necks.

Stand tall, Southern Cali, the basketball world is officially yours again, your latest generational talent is in tow. Our next season of “Showtime” is officially in queue.

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3 responses to “Instant Reaction: Its Showtime, Again! LeBron Signs To The Lakers

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