Update: No More D & Davis Saturdays; More Specials, More Flip Coming

Things change. We can’t avoid that particular aspect of life, but when we accept that the change is almost always a vehicle for bigger and better things, it makes the more noticeable machinations of our day to day easier to accept.

The D & Davis Show let you know this past Saturday that it would be the last time you can hear the show on chicagolandsportsradio.com for the time being, the show’s been moved from its customary spot from 11 am to 2 pm.

We accept the change in large part because we have no say in the matter, but also this change and its timing has the feeling of inevitability, it was in a lot of ways overdue. When such a change calls you, you should answer and see what’s available for you to come.

What you, our audience, can expect to come is more heat, simple as that. It may be less scheduled heat for a while, but it’ll be there nonetheless. Take for instance our NBA draft coverage and definitely take for instance The Flip’s most recent 2-part interview with Laurence Holmes of the Score.

Along with the final D & Davis Saturday show, definitely listen to the crew with Holmes for some real talk and the latest on our future plans… as well as unfiltered talk on music, barbecue and the dated, campy greatness of “Any Given Sunday” among other topics.

Keep following the show on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest info on the show, our podcasts can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud and all major podcast outlets. Thanks for listening.

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