NBA: Cavs-Warriors Rematch Joins Ranks of Famous Fours

It would seem that not only will we be getting another taste of LeBron James vs. the Dubs in this year’s NBA Finals, we’ll also be getting a taste of our dystopian future.

In the age of Trump, I think we shouldn’t be surprised at a peek of the Apocalypse coming with the playoffs.

On the real, Bleacher Report really offers a harmless bit of spoofery here and not a glimpse into dark days to come. No matter where you are in the “is this really good for the NBA?” debate you really can’t argue that we’re once again seeing the two best teams in professional basketball square off again in the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.

Some of us may be desperate to see things shake up (especially those of us in Boston and Houston), but this unprecedented fourth consecutive rematch in an American championship series allows the NBA to celebrate the elements which make it excellent right now — an all-time great player going head up with the all-time great team that has acted as his greatest foil.

Indeed, the Cavs-Warriors series belongs in the pantheon of great four-time phenomenons which exist not only in sports but in entertainment as a whole. In time for the beginning of this fourth series, here are four other Fantastic Fours:


Today marks the 35th anniversary of the clinching of one of the most celebrated titlists in NBA history — the 1982-83 Philadelphia Sixers, who swept the Showtime Lakers to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

As far as single-season NBA teams go, there are few in the class of this Sixers team, which marked a climax to Julius Erving’s great run in Philly. The franchise suffered tough playoff losses in the early 80s to both the re-ascendant Lakers and Celtics and it took them acquiring the all-star interior bruiser Moses Malone prior to the season to set themselves up for a season to claim all their own.

Malone’s unique postseason prediction for the team to go “fo-fo-fo” through the then-3 round postseason actually played out as “fo-fi-fo” as Milwaukee managed a gentleman’s sweep in the Eastern Conference Finals, but the Sixers, motivated by Finals losses to L.A. in 1980 and ’82, did away with Magic and the gang quickly.

Never has round the way speaking and world-class ball-playing come together so naturally as it has here.

Four Hits Of The Cup

Nine NHL franchises have at least 4 Stanley Cup championships in their history, but only two have won four in a row — the Montreal Canadiens held up the cup at the end of the 75-76 season and each year until the end of the 78-79 season. Continuing a ridiculous “us against the world” era on ice the New York Islanders set Long Island on fire with four straight titles of their own right after Montreal’s run.

Montreal also has a five-year run as part of its League-leading 24 titles, but that was done in the 50s when there were still only six teams in professional hockey. Not to discredit them completely, but come on.

The Heart Pts. I-IV

The human heart is made up of four chambers, which makes it worthy enough for this list, but who needs a functioning heart when K.Dot is around to stir up the human spirit.

Among the unofficial released section of Kendrick Lamar’s catalog is “The Heart” series, a four-part collection of freestyles and loose tracks that “Pulitzer Kenny” has used both in mix-tapes and to stir up hype on the brink of album releases.

In its entirety, the Heart series provides a concise look into a great artist evolving from a plucky young scrapper to the edge of Kingship with the last track being released in the lead-up to Lamar’s best-selling and critical smash Damn. Do yourself a favor and listen to them if you’ve yet to. You won’t have to front as much about knowing what the hype around dude is about once you do.

Four Movie Franchises

Movie franchises typically are measured in 3s — among the most celebrated being The Godfather Trilogy and the original Star Wars Trilogy — but in this current generation of movie universes there’s no telling where any particular movie title will stop and given any success for a franchise it likely won’t stop at any point, even if the last one flops incredibly just give it 5 or 10 years and a reboot should be in production.

Quite a few franchises surprisingly have got to and stopped at the number 4. Take a look at the list of four-movie series‘ on wikipedia and you’d see a hodgepodge of legit cinema, child fare both classic and forgettable and garbage that never rose above straight-for-tv or home video level.

As bad as another Cleveland-GSW meeting may feel to you its hardly as inexplicable as a fourth 3 Ninjas movie or even a third Transporter (2008), let alone the fourth labeled “Refueled” (2015) — see what I said about those reboots?

On the other hand, quite a few four-part series have held up well, among them Rambo, the Oceans movies, Mad Max, Barbershop and Toy Story, which will surely make us cry once again with Part 4 in 2019.

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