Listen: NBA Lottery Hopeful Josh Jackson Talks Up His Mom With Scoop B

There are certainly few mother-son duos involved in the NBA like Phoenix Suns rookie Josh Jackson and his mother, Apples Jones.

As we come out of another Mother’s Day we can get from the story of the former Kansas University standout and his fellow ball-playing mother a great example of sacrifice and devotion from a mother to her son and what that can mean when the two unite against the world.

Phoenix Suns forward, Josh Jackson and his mother, Apples Jones dropped by Scoop B Radio with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. 

Our man Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson recently talked to Jackson and Jones for a Mother’s Day special of his Scoop B Radio podcast, listen to it here and also check out Scoop B Radio online to subscribe and keep up with all his episodes. Also get other Scoop B content at Basketball Society.

Subscribe to Scoop’s YouTube page for more exclusive videos and other treats. Also, below you can listen to Scoop’s latest appearances on The D & Davis Show and D & Davis: The Flip, each taped last week.

Jackson, Bulls Hoping To Hit In Lottery

Just as Scoop was in town last week, Jackson is here currently as a representative for the Phoenix Suns, who hold the best chance to get the No. 1 draft pick in this year’s highly anticipated draft.

The biggest step towards securing that No. 1 pick occurs tonight in Chicago as the Lottery picks are sorted out. The hometown Bulls hold a 5.3 percent chance of No. 1, with five ping pong balls available to them in the draw, as apposed to the 25% chance afforded to Phoenix, who has 25 balls of their own up in the air. The complete list of odds for the lottery teams are below.

Team (Record) No. 1 pick odds Top-3 pick odds
Phoenix Suns (21-61) 25 percent 64.2 percent
Memphis Grizzlies (22-60) 19.9 percent 55.8 percent
Dallas Mavericks (24-58) 13.8 percent 42.6 percent
Atlanta Hawks (24-58) 13.7 percent 42.6 percent
Orlando Magic (25-57) 8.8 percent 29.1 percent
Chicago Bulls (27-55) 5.3 percent 18.3 percent
Sacramento Kings (27-55) 5.3 percent 18.3 percent
Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets) (28-54) 2.8 percent 9.9 percent
New York Knicks (29-53) 1.7 percent 6.1 percent
Philadelphia 76ers or Boston Celtics (via Lakers) (35-47) 1.1 percent 4.0 percent
Charlotte Hornets (36-46) 0.8 percent 2.9 percent
Detroit Pistons or LA Clippers (39-43) 0.7 percent 2.5 percent
LA Clippers (42-40) 0.6 percent 2.2 percent
Denver Nuggets (46-36) 0.5 percent 1.8 percent

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