Baseball: Top 9 Anticipates Another Classic of a Crosstown Cup

Expect the Top 9 to list a lineup’s worth of hot takes, topics, stats or weekend preview points during each (or at least most) Fridays during the MLB season


2018 Crosstown Games:

— May 11, White Sox at Cubs, 1:20 (WGN, NBC Sports Chicago)

— May 12, White Sox at Cubs, 1:20 (NBCSC, ABC-7)

May 13, White Sox at Cubs, 1:20 (NBCSC, WGN)

— Sept 21, Cubs at White Sox, 3:10 (WGN, NBCSC)

— Sept 22, Cubs at White Sox, 6:10 (WGN)

Sept 23, Cubs at White Sox, 1:10 (NBC Sports Chicago, ABC-7)

2. — White Sox lead the series 58-54, the Cubs have won last 3 games in the series. The Cubs also own more series sweeps in the history of the games with a six to three advantage. Prior to the start of inter-league play in 1997, the White Sox won the only series that mattered in this rivalry, the 1906 World Series, which the South Siders took in six games. Also, there was the 12 years of charity games played prior to the beginning of each season from ’85 to ’95, those games went 10-0-2 in the Sox’s favor.

3. — How you win the “Crosstown Cup”: it is “given to the team with the most victories in the series (or retained by the last winner in case of a tie) since 2010.” (Chicago Tribune)

4. — Last season, the Cubs took the Cup for the first time since 2013, meaning that none of the current beloved North Siders knew what it was like to beat the Sox in a season series. Doing that and taking possession of the actual trophy meant different things to different Cubs. Kris Bryant could give a damn, saying “No, we care about the trophy at the end of the thing,” while Kyle Hendricks put it at No. 1 in his career accomplishments.

“It’s the first time I’ve gotten it, so it’s top of the list for me. I had heard guys talking about it, but I didn’t know there was a hole in the bottom of it,” Hendricks told the Tribune.

Hendricks also said the hole made it hard to drink beer out of the trophy. Maybe they could try something else. #legalizeit

5. — Always remember

6. — “I learned it from you, Dad!”

7. — “Ultimately, if we both get to our goals at the same time and there’s October baseball between the two clubs, that’s a different level of intensity that I don’t think any of us could really imagine at this time, which would be awfully special. In the meantime, this weekend will be a nice sort of starter course on what’s possible down the road.” — White Sox general manager Rick Hahn to

8. —

9. — It’s important to know that these games, while they count, are done in the name of fun above all. Like in other shared areas of the country with detailed baseball histories (the Bay Area, New York, LA, Missouri, etc.) Chicago really gets to showcase its love for the game with our close proximity rivalry.

My feelings coming into this season were that this could be as competitive and fulfilling a baseball season from beginning to end as we’ve seen in a while — the Cubs are still a World Series contender, the Sox are almost as full of promising young talent as the Cubs were in 2014 and South Side faithful feel that an ultimate turnaround could be right around the corner much like it was for that team.

So far, things haven’t been that great. The Sox are still waiting to hit double-digit wins and while the Cubs are a winning team they’re behind eight other teams in the National League who all have at least 20 wins, including the freakin’ Braves and Phillies. The North Siders will likely flex their muscles this weekend at home but they got to worry about that division of theirs, it may be the most competitive in the Majors.

Given that the first month and a half hasn’t been quite to taste in Chicago baseball, we can definitely use this coming Crosstown Cup series as a palate cleanser and a booster shot for two teams who much like the weather in the Chi have teased us but have yet to commit to another positive summer to come.

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