Avengers Infinity War: Separating Truth From Fiction From The Biggest Movie Ever

Warning: *SPOILERS* all up and through here, don’t read if you’re one of the few who haven’t seen Infinity War yet, unless you want to be spoiled.

We’re about five days into the release of what will soon be the biggest movie of all time, Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War and even after seeing the spectacular climactic event that is helping wrap up the first 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what stands out is how civil everyone has been across the internet regarding spoiling the movie. 

We’re about 10 years as a society into the “no spoilers” era of online interaction, we’ve all been trained to a degree, but with all major TV and movie events there still seem to be at least one or two jerks who can’t contain themselves after early premieres or Thursday night screenings to blab everything into the vacuous void of existence that is social media. Wasn’t the case with Infinity War.

Surely, people know better of how to act, but I think the kind of wide-reaching respect we’ve shown each other was born out of respect for the product. As each of us entered the cinema, became a-washed in Thanos’ master plan, privy to his motivations and walloped emotionally by his final actions it seemed that even though everything we just saw was so cool we thought more against ruining it for everyone else than giving ourselves the immediate release of expressing our feelings in the wake of revelation.

For this, memes should be thanked. The many, many memes we all saw on Twitter and elsewhere which indirectly expressed wide varieties of emotional shock, wonderment and despair at what’s going to happen next to our favorite film heroes. The memes teased some and satiated others while the overall experience was still held to the chest.

Nothing matched actually sitting down to see Infinity War and that’s why so many people did it over the weekend — the movie came through and so we came through for the movie. This is a pretty magnanimous time in pop culture. That being said, if you still haven’t seen Infinity War, ain’t no more excuses, either hit up a matinee or keep your ass off the internet (feel free to bookmark “Weareregalradio.com” before doing so).

In so many ways the Avengers and the MCU have been a perfect distraction in this complicated era, a combination of old fashioned good and bad guy tales packaged like never before, begging for added context and always stringing us along for more as we continue to try and learn more about ourselves by exploring the deep connection we have with made-up super beings and the inanimate objects they covet to either save existence or bring it to a tidy conclusion.

Prior to Infinity War’s opening several of us here at We Are Regal Radio spat out some opinions on some of the more pressing issues expected to be covered in the movie, here are those answers along with what really happened in this movie that succeeded even after years of exposure that so much is still possible in the MCU.

  1. What Infinity Stone would you like to possess?

Demonze Spruiel, The D & Davis Show — The Reality Stone: I think most black folks would like to change our reality.

What Went Down – By the end no one got to hold any stones but Thanos. Didn’t really matter which one you’d like to have, but if you want to do an early power ranking on the stones in time for “Avengers 4,” it looks like the Time Stone would be at No. 1 with the Soul Stone a close second.

Credit: Vox.com
The climactic fight against the forces of Thanos in Wakanda, featuring Black Panther and his lil’ friends.

  1. Which Wakanda tribe should take the L for everyone?

Ken Davis, The D & Davis Show — The cloth cloak tribe (Border) for their treacherous insolence back in “Black Panther.” Plus, I can’t trust “Get Out” dude, don’t know why.

What Went Down – No tribe seemed to go down for good, everyone took their hits, as to be expected.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem like the Border tribe was even a factor in the fight in Wakanda, if they were there at all. Daniel Kaluuya was not in the movie, nor were the boss rhinos he used to try to usurp T’Challa (they’d have been pretty useful against Thanos’s demon dog things wouldn’t they?). Maybe the Border tribe already got theirs from the fam before Thanos even showed up?

  1. What character do you most want to see die?

Kyle Means, WARR Editorial Director — A sacrifice from Captain America would probably have the most emotional impact and team-rallying effect. Plus, y’all know Chris Evans counting down the days to his Marvel contract running out.

What Went Down – Just about everyone worth a damn did die, or “disappeared” except for the original six Avengers, which included Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and Thor along with (presumably) Hawkeye, whose whereabouts have been fodder for those following the movie since way before the release. Maybe he’s chilling with the Border tribe.

  1. New character (good or bad) you’d like to see debut

Sean Terry, WARR co-founder — How about Riri Williams as the Invincible Iron (Wo)man? I don’t think I can stomach anymore cheesy Tony Starks catch phrases. Besides, you know the sisters would love seeing a sassy heroine reppin’ “for the culture” while causing massive destruction.

What Went Down – Sean offers an inspired answer but there were just too many damn characters in Infinity War to introduce an entirely new mantle-taker from Tony. Spidey took on much of that role in a nice way that made his disappearance at the movie’s end one of the most impactful.

As it would stand, the one new character that was (sort of) introduced didn’t even get any screen time, just a quick logo flash at the very end. Before the likes of Riri hits the MCU, first Captain Marvel will have to show the true impact of Girl Power next year.

  1. Guess the film’s 1st weekend numbers (within $10 million)

D — $275 million

Ken — $175 million

What Went Down — More than anyone could have imagined, cause its never been done before. The records seem to be falling by the day, really by the hour.

D almost hit it on the head, at least in North America, the film in actuality nearly hit $700 million worldwide by Sunday night after clearing $250 domestically and collecting the total gross of six other MCU films. As we creep through Tuesday the film is inching up to $800 mill with a Billy possibly on the table by Friday.

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