2018 NFL Draft: Later Round Options Open For Bears If Aggressive

Ryan Bukowiecki covers the Chicago Bears and the NFL for WARR

Round 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft sets up very similarly as yesterday’s first round did for the Chicago Bears.

For whatever reasons, which the Bears need to figure out, there are a ton of big names at the top of Round 2. The Bears will be selecting seventh in that group and there is quite the list of players, a lot of names that many expected to potentially go in the first round.

And that’s not all the big names…

Not among those names Schefty offered as high profile potential picks was the pick the Bears eventually made at No. 38, Iowa center James Daniels.

We’ll have more on Daniels later, but it would seem with his selection at this still high place in the draft, we’re looking at a guy the Bears are looking to start in the middle of the offensive line right away, freeing up Cody Whitehair to the other guard spot not occupied by Kyle Long. And if something unfortunate happens, like Long or another lineman losing more significant time to injury, then Daniels’ presence may help keep the Bears from feeling so depleted.

As it would play out, the Bears attended to one of their true areas of need here (my personal rank in terms of importance — pass rusher, offensive line, wide receiver and defensive back) while possibly ignoring highly ranked prospects like Harold Landy (EDGE), Cortland Sutton (WR) and Josh Jackson (DB) that were available at 38.

It felt interesting to see if the Bears would decide to stay at seven in the second and pick a guy they feel is a difference maker — they may feel they did but they did so at one of the less obvious positions. Still, multiple picks remain and a goal, if not the goal of this draft, should be getting at least two plug and play starters plus at least one other rotational contributor like Tarik Cohen.

The other good news for the Bears is that this draft is deep at WR, RB and DB. The two  fourth-round picks the Bears have may in essence equal a third round pick in this draft. Ryan Pace even said last night after Round 1, the Bears can do anything, including moving up in Round 2.

(update: Memphis WR Anthony Miller was selected by the Bears at No. 51 in the second round after acquiring the pick from the New England Patriots, the Bears pick at No. 105 goes to NE along with a second-rounder in 2019)

If they were to move back that could be a fruitful path as well depending on the deal. Picking up an extra third without having to move down too far is not a bad idea in a deep draft.

But remember that the Bears need play-makers and difference makers. If the Bears have a player they love and the player fills one of their biggest needs then they shouldn’t be afraid to stay in their spot and get their guy. One way the Bears could mess up Round 2 is by trading up.

Due to the lack of draft picks and all the question marks on the roster, moving up puts even more pressure that the player they trade up for can’t be a bust. Last year the Bears only had five selections, they need more players and leaving this draft with anything less than seven draftees could really hurt the depth of the team.

Good start by the Bears and another couple good decisions in this draft might make the Bears an ascending team rather than a basement dweller in the NFC.

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