3 And Out: Holiday Remains Happy After Bears Avoid Brown Letdown

Ryan Bukowiecki is a student at the Illinois Media School and a contributor to The D & Davis Show

Christmas is here today and the Chicago Bears were kind enough to give their fans a victory against the Cleveland Browns on the lakefront yesterday. Or maybe the real gift was sparing Bears Nation the embarrassment of being the first NFL fan base to have to explain a loss to the eternally bad Browns in 2017.

Aside from a very solid outing from rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky, the only thing pretty about the game was basically the snow falling down upon Soldier Field, providing a picturesque wintery setting to this so-called clash of historic Midwestern franchises.

The game was neither exciting or ugly for Bears fans. And for as often as things are ugly for the Bears, it was a welcomed sight. There of course will not be much to take away from yesterday’s contest other than be thankful that you are not a Cleveland Browns fan. For a Browns fan, the pastures are greener anywhere else. The Bears were likely going to struggle in getting another victory in 2017-18 if they did not beat the Browns and John Fox earned his first victory when the Bears had been favored.

All in all, its hard to come away feeling great or more importantly feeling frustrated with a Bears performance. Here are three take-aways from yesterday’s game.

Boy, Those Browns Are Bad

No one wants to beat a dead horse to death but it is really important to quantify the Browns…they are worse than advertised.

Many fans probably have not seen a Browns game this year unless it happens to be against their team. They made mistakes only pee wee football players make. Constantly unable to even line up correctly, let alone trying to make big time plays. Hue Jackson is a really bad coach, why didn’t the Browns try running the ball more given the conditions? It was almost as if Jackson forced Deshone Kizer to win the game and put it on the rookie’s shoulders.

The discipline of the team is atrocious and they give away plays. Any time the Browns had anything working, a bad play was waiting in the weeds ready to pounce like a lioness stalking her prey. The Bears have plenty of flaws and are not a good NFL team but who knows what the Browns are because they surely aren’t an NFL team.

The Browns are almost a CFL or semi pro football team mistakingly put on the NFL schedule. And the Bears can take a moment of solace that they aren’t as far away as the Browns and based on how the rookie QBs played, the Bears made the right decision in their guy.

Mitch Continues To Show

Mitch has had 11 starts so far this season and no one should over inflate his performance against such a bad Browns team. That being said, Mitch continues to just show a lot of good qualities.

When you compare Mitch with a lot of previous Bears first round picks, very few flash as much as Mitch. Mitch looked accurate and with better receivers, Mitch might have looked dominate. He looked poised and in control even with a bad offensive line in front of him. Mitch made plays with his feet and arm looking like the leader of the offense. Who knows what Mitch will or can be, clearly a new coach is needed to help build from this season.

Constantly this season we have heard how Mitch shows an “it” factor and that he is impressive for a rookie, there is something to all these thoughts. Mitch may still become a bust but there are skill and intangibles for a QB developer to grow a great talent, he seems tough, he’s athletic, great arm talent, and is a leader.

All of these qualities in the right hands can become something special, here is hoping for more.

Strap It In for 2018-19

At the conclusion of yesterday’s game, the Bears finished their games at soldier field and have one last contest against the Vikings. This week will go by quick with the holidays and all of sudden Sunday will be here.

As soon as the game ends Sunday, big changes are expected at Halas Hall. Speculation is that John Fox and his staff will be let go and Ryan Pace will be looking for the next coach. Of course, the Bears do things their own way so who knows what will happen for sure. But, changes are coming in one way or the other and if the speculation is true then the Bears will have another head coaching regime.

The new coach will likely be brought in to build and develop Trubisky. It is a huge offseason as the team needs a number of improvements and the Bears will have a top 10 pick. A new offseason brings new opportunities and new hope, soon a key offseason will begin for the Chicago Bears.

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