Watch: Zach Miller Taking Steps Toward Recovery

Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller’s recent making of the media rounds provided a positive source of information in the late stretch of an awful football season.

Of course, the season has been made awful in large part to Miller’s devastating leg injury incurred against New Orleans in October. But as hard as it is to take in such moments in real time, its good to know that the road to recovery allows for moments of redemption and resilience that can be inspiring to say the least.

One of those particular moments came Sunday with Miller’s posting to Instagram of his walking without assistance among the Bears training staff at Halas Hall. After eight surgeries and fears of his losing his left leg from the knee down, Miller has more reason than ever to believe he’ll live a normal life going forward, with an outside chance of even returning to the football field.

We can’t state enough here how much we’re rooting for Miller in his recovery, lord knows we could use something to root for regarding this team.

And as Christmas approaches less than a week away Bears fans all over can consider this footage a gift of big-picture perspective and positivity, the kind of things we can all use each holiday season.

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