Watch: Vintage HBCU Clothes Making Their Comeback With African-American Clothing Alliance

For anyone who lived through the convergence of pro-black pride and Hip-Hop stylistic emergence in the early 1990’s, the re-emergence of the African-American College Alliance clothing brand over the last year-plus is a welcome sight to see.

Back in those colorful halcyon days where you could see both Yo! MTV Raps and Rap City on any given weekday afternoon, videos and live performances from many of the day’s hottest rappers featured them rocking AACA gear with large print logos of the nation’s historically black colleges and universities. That trend extended to movies and TV shows and campuses, both with majority black student bodies and otherwise.

AACA owner Chris Latimer worked with the company during those past days and in 2016 he gained control of the company and made himself determined to bring the brand back as it celebrated its 25th anniversary and entered a current day where 1990s style and cultural output is welcome again as is black pride and cultural representation.

Latimer speaks on all those things and more in this segment with We Are Regal Radio Editorial Director Kyle Means from Leaders clothing store in Chicago, where AACA recently held a multi-day pop-up sale.

Along with enjoying the interview, also take a look at this slide show of famous faces rocking the brand from then to now and check Latimer in a past interview with The Breakfast Club and the Kickstarter video that helped raise funds for the reboot of the brand.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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