4th and Goal(s): Bengals Provide Latest Test To See If Bears Have Any Fight Left

Ryan Bukowiecki is a student at the Illinois Media School and a contributor to The D & Davis Show

Well another tough week has come and gone for the Chicago Bears and now it seems like the team is stuck in the NFL wilderness.

The Bears are in a little bit of turmoil right now as they are looking down the barrel of a repeat from last year’s 3-13 record. The 3-13 mark last year was the worst in franchise history and though it seemed impossible for the Bears to repeat that mark a month ago, now it seems very real. Sure the Bengals are out of the playoffs now so they have nothing to play for and then the Browns will be in town next week.

But the Bears have lost to good teams all the way to bad teams (aka last week). Nothing is guaranteed for the this team let alone a win, there are no more slam dunks on the schedule. Now is the time to watch and see if the team has quit on the coach and this season. There’s a coach in John Fox who does not want to end his coaching career on such a low; a general manager in Ryan Pace that now has to be feeling some heat under his seat since he has every bit of blame for the 6-23 so far the last two seasons.

This week is another week to monitor progress of young players but now it feels as if the real progress (if any) will come when the next coach and/or GM come in. It’s almost the end of another football season Bear fans so enjoy it — if possible — while it lasts and preview this week’s contest with the four goals for success against the Bengals.

1st Goal

John Fox needs a win — As mentioned, John Fox is flirting with a repeat record from last season which was a franchise low. Fox has had a better than most legacy as a coach when you look at his resume. He has had some lows but this was the turnaround coach who would come in and set your franchise back on the path. The type of coach that could get you to a superbowl and even with Jack Delhomme at QB. Now he has become sort of joke at the end of his career. Constantly the Bears have been shrouded in mystery.

One of his strengths is building a good staff but now with how the offense and even the defense has played, maybe he hasn’t done that anymore. John Fox needs a win this week, not to save his job but to save what is left of his legacy after his stint with the Bears. Remember, Marc Trestman has won more and by the numbers has been a more successful coach than Fox.

2nd Goal

Team effort — There is no way to sugarcoat it, the Bears players are a big problem in this mess. Yes, the coaching and scouting of talent has been poor but there’s no reason the Bears should have lost last week against the Niners. The Bears quitting in December feels as reliable as winter for what seems like the last 5 years. It is never good when players quit and every player should be fighting hard for their job for next season.

When a team quits on a season it brings into question what type of leadership does the locker room and staff have? And the way the Bears have a lack of talent, it would help to know there is leadership amongst the players. The goal this week is to still fight and be competitive.

3rd Goal

Evaluation is greater than victory — Bear fans it is the point and time in the season where victories really don’t matter and arguably it may be better for the Bears to lose in favor of a better draft pick. Regardless, victories do not mean anything and can even be a distraction. Remember the competence of Matt Barkley last season made it seem like Dowell Loggains might not be a bad choice to develop the next QB…oh boy.

Remember fans, the guys drafted by the team are the most important players to watch, who of them is worth keeping and who is not. Next comes the guys with multi year contracts, who of them is worth bringing back next year or who needs to be replaced? Everyone else is most likely just a guy but even still the Bears need to determine who are all the good players on the team worth building around and who needs to be replaced.

4th Goal

Send out some positive vibes — This article feels like an obituary in some respects and really the way the Bears have struggled and combined with all the injuries, it is just so negative. Nothing will make this season feel okay and majorly massive important future determining decisions have to be made at seasons end. The Bears have an opportunity against Ohio the next two weeks to at least give fans something.

Ideally fans will see Trubisky slinging the ball all over the yard in Cincinnati but whatever happens this week, it needs to be better than last week. The goal this week is to not make fans as sickly ill after the game as last week.

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