Media Roundup: True Chicago Basketball Story Comes To Fox Sports

ESPN has dominated the sports documentary market in recent years with its 30 for 30 series.

Like with most things in its persistent chasing of ESPN for ratings and sports broadcast share, Fox Sports is starting in quite a hole in its matching of ESPN’s resources and creative capital in regards to doing its own docs, but Fox doesn’t give up and they don’t mind counter-programming, which brings us to the upcoming Magnify series.

Learn more about Magnify above or here. Pretty smartly, Fox isn’t trying to secure the stories of the same legends and mostly well-trodded storylines that ESPN fills the 30s with. In Magnify, Fox states that it’ll tell more grounded stories about athletes you likely don’t know about with an effort to get across a sort of universal feeling of what sports means to athletes at their core.

In the words of Fox Sports Executive Vice President of content, Charlie Dixon, the series looks to get “audiences thinking about sports in a broader context beyond wins and losses. The aim is to create dialogue and hopefully affect change in the communities where these stories are told.”

One of the first two features to take this approach will be “Shot In The Dark,” which is set in Chicago and Orr Academy to be specific. Featuring the bold face names of Dwayne Wade and recent SNL success Chance The Rapper as producers, the film shows another shrewd aspect of this series, which is using most of its star power in the producing roles. Along with Wade and Chance, LeBron James is producing the series’ first entry, “89 Blocks.”

But getting less pub than those big names is friend of WARR, Daniel Poneman, a certified plug in the Chicago prep basketball scene who’s been featured on this site and is another producer of “Shot In The Dark.”

Indeed it is. Big ups to Dan and his team, which also includes friend of the D & Davis Show Jeremy Woo. Make sure to check out “Shot In The Dark” in early 2018 and more from us on the movie leading up to its release.

D-Wade: Producer Extraordinaire

Not content with his role in the Magnify series, Dwayne Wade wants to give fans and followers a valued look into his own life in the upcoming Facebook docu-series “BackCourt Wade.”

The former Chicago Bull and 3-time NBA champ, currently reunited with LeBron in Cleveland, is producing the five-episode series with Bob Metelus Studio. According to a recent press release you can expect these highlights:

  • Wade travels to Paris and Milan for Men’s Fashion Week and shares why fashion and design have become such an area of interest for him over the years.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at Wade’s father-first mentality and his mindset going into his 15th season in the NBA.
  • Wade taking up new hobbies, such as golf and caring for his new dog, Tre.
  • An inside look at Wade’s business ventures, such as his Way of Wade brand and Wade Wine labels.

Visit the BackCourt Wade Show Page on Facebook today where you can add episodes to your watch list, you can also view the trailer here.  New episodes will be uploaded each Monday.

“I hope by sharing some of these candid moments that it helps inspire others to follow their dreams, take risks, challenge yourself to get through life’s obstacles, and take the time to appreciate and enjoy the life you work so hard to build,” says Wade in the release.

I’d suspect you’d also learn much about wearing fashionable high-water pants as well.

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