Hip-Hop: Chance Shines on SNL, Kidz In The Hall Reunite

New guest hosts at Saturday Night Live tend to always get attention, take last week’s historic first-timer for example.

And just as Tiffany Haddish was her unabashed, bold and funny self in her first time heading up an SNL, Chance The Rapper showed he had no shame in his game too, providing much to be expected: a crowd-pleasing, fun episode that gave edge at time but not too much to really alienate anyone.

In other words, Chance was perfect for America’s longest running comedy institution, which reinvents itself every week while trying to please as many people as possible.

It’s certainly not hard for Chance to please people, and while he tends to naturally attract overstatements, you can’t blame him for other folks’ over-enthusiastic response to his deeds.

What’s not to like from a musically-based monologue like Chance’s, which you can see above — Chano’s effort to strike big on a new Thanksgiving anthem to support his big promises to Chicago Public Schools (a quietly brilliant bit of self parody) hit well on the weirdos you have to welcome into your home every fourth Thursday in November. You got to love it when most or all the cast joins in right away too.

It can’t be overstated that while he hosted for the first time Saturday night, Chance is a bit of an SNL vet already. This was his fourth time performing on set after three musical appearances, his last time out he ended up earning a Emmy nomination for a musical holiday skit with Kenan Thompson. It seemed that the crew at SNL were in well lockstep with Chance’s sense of humor and knew of just how to present him at every turn, it made for an overall seemless show that didn’t have any of the awkwardness of some of the lesser skits involving Haddish last week.

That earlier skit showed love to the then-departing President Barack Obama, this Saturday’s top highlight begged for the ex-Prez to come back home as only a ’90s R&B group can.

Paired with a great send-up of intra-generational rap beefing (if only Pete Rock and Waka Flocka could have saw it in time), it was no surprise that Chance’s arguably brightest comedic moments were based on music. Definitely got laughs from the hockey reporter sketch and the turning of tables on Bruce Wayne too among others, but check my main highlights below.

The Kidz Are Back In Town

In a fairer world, maybe Naledge, a definite forerunner to Chance as Chicago rappers go, could have gotten on SNL sometime during his first run with his guy Double-O, if as a musical guest if not a host.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t count that out yet. The once thought to be dormant group Kidz In The Hall, who first came through in the Aughts with bougie bangers like “Driving Down the Block” announced a suprising comeback on Fake Shore Drive this past Friday, one that comes not only with an initial single “Dear Eastside,” but an entire project releasing in early December with the deliciously near-retro name of Free Nights and Weekends.

Naledge helped us out here with one of our first major features back in 2013, feel free to listen to it below or read an edited version here.

That alone would have WARR rooting for this comeback, but the single itself is a sweet cherry on top — smooth as hell production with Naledge kicking game about the joys of living, surviving and having fun over East in the Chi — from riding down Jeffrey Blvd. to meeting girls and drinking in the park.

This is a decidedly summer-sounding track but that could be very much welcome with the Hawk and its winter friend approaching. One thing Kidz In The Hall have always been skilled in is projecting a good time onto listeners, that type of vibe is always welcome, no matter how much time is spent away.

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