Instant Reaction: Unveiling of Bulls Starting 5 Telegraphs Sad Season Coming


These are the Daze of Our Lives?

As The Roundball Turns?

Niko Needs a General Hospital?…

The Chicago Bulls bring the drama, no doubt. Even when as a team and franchise it reaches the level of irrelevancy that these Bulls currently are sloshing in, things just happen to allow them to elbow (or jab as this case warrants) their way into headlines and national TV segments.

If I wanted to write specifically about the Niko Mirotic-Bobby Portis fight I’d have my fair pic of soap opera-spoofing titles to give to this post, but as you kind people so interested in this web entry can see, its more about what’s left in the rubble of the jaw-jacking that rocked Madison St, the best whooping around that way as of late that hasn’t occurred on ice (or on the #20 bus).

Its clear that out of the Mirotic-Portis scrap that the Bulls can not even make the most out of intersquad competition so you know going intrasquad gonna be a problem and it starts with the quintet the team has to trot out to tip off each game, a unit that should have featured at least one of the now famous fighting duo. At this point neither one will be available for at least another 7 games.

Portis was handed an 8-game suspension for laying hands on Mirotic, but even if he got away scot free its not likely he would have engendered more excitement in the Bulls faithful upon the release of the initial lineup that represented Chicago on the floor in Game 1 of the season against Toronto.

Below are some representative posts from Twitter detailing the lack of encouragement we all feel for what should be one of the longest Bulls seasons to date. A 117-101 loss resulted from this team’s play tonight — as to be expected, but it could be much more embarassing, just ask Phoenix.

If this team does have some fight in them we really shouldn’t be surprised, not after the events of this week.

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