4th and Goal(s): Quote The Ravens — Will Da Bears Win Evermore?

Ryan Bukowiecki is a student at the Illinois Media School and a contributor to The D & Davis Show

Mitch Trubisky’s first start is in the books and unfortunately it wasn’t a memorable one.

The Bears struggled all game offensively through penalties, lack of discipline and giving the ball away. Defensively it wasn’t much better for the Bears. Sam Bradford started at QB for the Vikings and he was terrible, he basically gave the Bears two points after poor decision making on a Leonard Floyd safety.

Case Keenum entered the game and led the offense to a solid night of output. It wasn’t a pretty game by either side and now moving to week 6, the Bears are in need of a good performance.

It will not be an easy task going to Baltimore and face the three and two Ravens. Alas, here are the four goals for the Bears to pull off a win against the Ravens.   

1st Goal

Defense has to lead the team — The Bears offense may be more energized going forward but there’s always going to be a level of discombobulation with a rookie QB. This is where the defense has to be able to lead the team.

Chicago came into the season with a hyped up front seven. The group has been so-so in the season, flashes of brilliant play usually followed up by poor and inconsistent play. The Ravens have struggled offensively and are ranked the 23rd best offense in the league.

Defensively, the Bears come in with the 26th best unit in the NFL and are in need of a boost. If the Bears are going to make strides as a defense this season, then this is a game where they need to perform well. The goal this week is to lead the team by putting together a good performance collectively.

2nd Goal

Create a turnover — This has been a staple in the goals for the Bears to win each week. Sadly, the Bears are seemingly unable to be positive in the turnover battle. Now with a rookie QB starting, the turnovers will be coming as Trubisky makes his growing pains.

The defense was constantly in a hole with Glennon and things may not change much with Trubisky. It also looks like the Bears are still without the type of playmakers needed to create turnovers. Joe Flacco has six interceptions so far this season, tied for fourth most.

The Ravens are not a team that is unprepared for games but this offense has struggled and so has their QB. The Bears defense will get some opportunities, they just have to convert those into turnovers. The turnover battle will be an important one this week if the Bears are going to win.

3rd Goal

Jordan Howard has to be more involved — Jordan Howard has been quiet this season compared to last year. Some reasons as to why has been the play of the QB position, too many turnovers forces the team to throw the ball.

The play of Tarik Cohen has made an impact and taken some of Howard’s touches away. But the biggest reason of all — Dowell Loggains. There are some excuses to be made about the lack of touches for Howard but they all stink. Jordan Howard is one of, if not, the best weapon the Bears have on offense.

Howard is a terrific runner that has showed great vision and instincts. Loggains has used more and more of Cohen each week and this in a way is a mistake. Cohen is going to be effective as a change of pace back, not as a primary RB. Howard has to get enough touches so that he can make Cohen more successful.

Loggains has had a lot of the same questions about his play calling this year, like why doesn’t he run the ball more? The Bears offense is really only built to run the ball so go do it. The goal this week is to really establish Howard for better or worse, the Bears have to go down with their horse in full sprint.

4th Goal

Mitch’s learning curve — Trubisky is going to have a season filled with highlights and lowlights. Last week was a perfect example, he showed poise and made the offense look like it had more flow and rhythm. But when looking at Trubisky’s stat line, you’d think Glennon was still the starter.

It’s clear Trubisky can and will do some things that will help the offense. Trubisky is also going to make mistakes like the interception and near interception on his first TD throw in his career. Interceptions are okay and something the Bears will have to live with but the hope is that Trubisky improves right away on the lessons the interceptions and bad throws teach.

Trubisky threw too much across his body and put the ball in harm’s way too often. If he can show the ability to correct his mistakes quickly, it will be a great sign about what may come from Trubisky in the future.

In the meantime, if Trubisky can improve on his mistakes quickly, then this offense will have a better chance to succeed with him against the Ravens.

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