*EXCLUSIVE*: D & Davis Show Speaks With Clarence Jones of CJ Custom Clothiers on NCAA-FBI Investigation

The D & Davis Show spoke this week with a certified insider in college sports in Clarence Jones, a custom clothier to the stars who has worked with entertainers and high profile athletes for years.

A big part of Jones’ business is Division 1 athletes heading to the pros, his putting together styles for those ready to show themselves in events like the NBA and NFL drafts.

Jones also styles coaches and other people associated with those athletes, among his clientele are Lamont Evans and Christian Dawkins, two targets of the FBI’s investigation into corruption between NCAA coaches, player representatives and the Adidas athletic company.

Evans is a now former associate coach at Oklahoma State and Dawkins is a former agent.

“A lot of this stuff people are saying is really fabricated,” Jones said to D & Davis hosts Demonze Spruiel and Ken Davis.

Due to his familiarity with some of these key characters, Jones pokes holes in some basic facts given in the investigation reports.

“A lot of stuff put on (Evans) happened at South Carolina, not Oklahoma State,” said Jones, who elaborates that “it’s going to be a crazy process,” sorting fact from fiction in getting to the truth of these accusations.

Jones also disputes reporting that Dawkins got Evans his job at Oklahoma St. along with the reasoning for a coach like Rick Pitino — the supposed poster child of this scandal and now former head coach at Louisville — risking as much as $9 million of income between associations with his school and Adidas to funnel much lower amounts to desired players.

“Some things I just don’t see..there’s a lot of ways you can get someone $100,000 better than that,” said Jones.

Jones, who says that no athletic company has contacted him about being a go-between, but that agents have offered money to him, does not think that Evans or Dawkins are inherently dirty given his direct contact with them, saying that neither man ever asked him for free clothing or other perks. Both Evans and Dawkins have always paid for his service, according to Jones.

Regardless of who’s done what exactly, Jones felt this investigation and the scandal around it was inevitable once federal agents started to pressure people.

“Once the FBI gets involved, people start getting nervous.”

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