NFL Boycott Diary: Week 3 — Don’t Kneel If You Don’t Know What’s The Issue

Joe “Champ” Tanksley is a co-founder of

I’ve decided to boycott the NFL this year due to the blackballing of Colin Kaepernick.

However, I must admit that my interest in rejoining the frenzy of pro football was peaked after the President called protesting players “sons of bitches” and suggested that NFL owners should fire said players. The President’s comments created a frenzied enviroment throughout the entire landscape of sports, especially the NFL.

If anything, most people wanted to tune in to the Sunday games following the President’s comments last Friday just to see how in fact the League and its players would react during that day’s reciting of the National Anthem.

Players and their families showcased waves of emotion both online and on the field and dispatches from front offices league-wide issued statements of disapproval towards the president’s words. Some teams even upheld the right for players to protest peacefully via the NFL’s platform. On game day we saw a great multitude of players, and even entire organizations, come together to demonstrate their unity in the face of our infamous president.

I wasn’t quite impressed by the multiple protests during Week 3, though. It’s been well over 200 days and the man that really started this now ubiquitous discussion still doesn’t have a job, he can’t even get a spot on a Sports Illustrated cover documenting this movement.

Numerous teams made statements defending the players’ rights to protest, but no team has offered Kaepernick a shot at playing.

We saw so many NFL owners come out and lock arms and even kneel with their players, but it was really done only because the President threatened their bottom line. So while see all the clips of players and owners holding hands and trying to create feel good moments to appease the masses, just remember this country is divided as ever.

The reality of the situation is that the people we need to listen don’t have to and because everything is fine in their world and there’s no reason for them to change anything. These same people are willing to ignore facts and even make up stuff to protect a system that doesn’t benefit everyone the same way.

Just imagine for a moment if all that was real instead of show. Just imagine if there was genuine interest in creating dialogue to fix problems. Imagine the level of change and lives that could be affected for the better. Imagine if there was no reason to kneel in the first place.

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