ICYMI: Newest Bulls Introduced In Team Press Conference

Ok, ok. You’re a spiteful Chicago Bulls fan, you not trying to hear shit GarPax tells you, they couldn’t sell you an ice-cold glass of Kool-Aid in Death Valley right now if given the chance.

But short of the 76ers, or maybe Sacramento for the number of guys they brought in, no team has re-asserted itself like the Bulls within the period of the NBA Draft. Sure it took losing an established all-star cornerstone for the Bulls front office to say “Yes, I can!” again, but many of you couldn’t wait until he was out the door to hate on him as well.

What the Bulls gave us Tuesday in their latest trotting of new (somewhat used) young talent is a Zach LaVine who’s confident in his ability to come back from debilitating knee injury, a Kris Dunn who may be along for the ride but knows he’s gonna be ridden hard here until he proves something and seems ready for that challenge and of course there’s sweet, sweet Lauri — he who wasn’t having any of Sam Smith’s race baiting and who seemingly knows that he has a jump shot that’s gonna make him a made man from Waukegan to Lemont.

Take a look at the guys above – certainly they were the impressive parts of this conference (Duh Mayor Fred Hoiberg still talks as if he’s trying to explain to the Ames town council why there isn’t enough money in the budget to bring Glen Campbell to the fall Harvest festival this year) – whether that will extend to their play in the United Center is still to be seen, but it can’t be ignored how much honest buzz the big Finn selected at No. 7 is getting from those who watch basketball without a withering hatred of Gar Forman under their ass. Learn more about him in the two features below.

Lauri Markkanen Could Be the Latest Game-Changing Stretch 5 (The Ringer)

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