Movies: Black Panther Trailer Arrives, Black People Anticipate Revolution on Film

One thing we must keep in mind upon the release of Marvel’s first trailer for its highly anticipated first film adaptation of the first comic series to feature a black superhero — Black Panther: this is only a “teaser.”

It’s hard to forget that this is a teaser, first because of its length (1 minute, 52 seconds), which provides about a minute more than the average “teaser.” Secondly, because every second of that 1:52 is so FREAKIN DOPE!

It’s not merely a tease when you almost climax, and its not an overstatement to say that’s what pretty much happened when viewers of Game 4 of the NBA Finals — black, comic book nerd and Michael B. Jordan thirster alike — got their first extended, Run The Jewels-scored glimpse of the Panther and his alter ego T’Challa (as played by Chadwick Boseman, fresh off his scene-stealing in Captain America: Civil War) in his home environs of Wakanda with the Dora Milaje and his loyal subjects, family and villains all laid out in front of us like a ultramodern, ultra-Black cosplay wet-dream.

Indeed this movie will be a rare commodity in the pop culture marketplace — black moviegoers, no matter how familiar or not they are with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, are pledging that they will come out in full force for this movie, inspiring tweet after tweet of anticipated Afrocentric display at a theater near you by the time of February 16, 2018 when Black Panther makes its debut (yes, that’s Black History Month; yes, Marvel knows what its doing):

So let the anticipation begin, we certainly will help document the anticipating wave here on WARR, for no other reason than this movie also continues the growing film takeover of director Ryan Coogler, who we mess with around these parts.

And know that these types of movies typically yield at least two more “full” trailers after the initial tease.

Please, Marvel, be gentle with us, though if you’re not we should be just fine with that too, we’re not lacking for Afrocentric GIFs.

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