Who Ya Got?: D & Davis & Friends Predict Cavs-Warriors

You can’t always get what you want, more so you get what you need and even more so you get what you have to wait on painfully.

Let it not be said that the NBA does not resemble life itself, but unlike other mass entertainment metaphors for life (baseball, movies, etc), the NBA is actually relevant on this day of our Lord, June 1, 2017. Come on, you know you really didn’t like Pirates of the Caribbean, and if you can name more than two first place teams in the MLB then check your head for some unnecessary seams.

Everyone knows who’s playing in this year’s NBA Finals, if for no other reason than a passing knowledge of the game over the last two years provides you with all the knowledge that you need. This is the era of LeBron, Steph, Kyrie, Draymond and now KD — the two ideally built teams in the league, Cleveland and Golden State (along with the still formidable San Antonio Spurs) with MVPs galore — the winners of the last five (LeBron 2, Durant, Curry 2) are in this series, seven of the last eight dating back to James’ initial winning in 2009.

This is champions battling other champions, a dream scenario with the largest X-factor surrounding the possible coronation into World Title immortality for Kevin Durant, unarguably the best basketball player yet to have cried and drooled all over the Larry O’Brien Trophy while acknowledging that it is finally his.

The talent we will associate most with this era of pro basketball are colliding once again in the game’s brightest, most dramatic stage. If you care about sports then you care about this event. That’s why it wasn’t hard to get together a good selection of friends and commentators associated with the D & Davis Show (which returns live this Saturday at 11 am on chicagolandsportsradio.com) to lay out their picks for either the Cavs or the Warriors. The Land or The Town — where will basketball continue to reign for another season?

Kyle Means, Editorial Director, weareregalradio.com: This NBA season’s feeling of inevitability has worked for good and bad — we get the best Finals competition possible (the only one that makes any sense) but it came at the expense of a roundly boring first three postseason rounds full of uneven match-ups and topped with devastating injuries.

We may not see any of that bad juju in this Finals series but I don’t see Cleveland making more than a passing threat to Golden State, a team as well built as any in the league’s history and actually motivated in more places then the Cavs, who are depressingly unwilling to guard on the ball at certain times. The first 20-point quarter from either Durant or Klay Thompson won’t make the Cavs any more willing. Maybe a game or two will live up to last year’s brilliance but otherwise the Dubs got this. Warriors in 6.

Demonze Spruiel, co-host, The D & Davis Show: The Warriors are coming in undefeated and rolling better than last year’s playoff team. The Cavs only have one blemish on their playoff record (the Cs got lucky) and LeBron James is playing like a true basketball God! Most would think a God can only win but even Hercules took a few L’s.

Led by Kevin Durant (yes KD, not Stephen Curry) the Warriors will be too much for LeBron and the boys from the Land. KD, welcome to the Champions Club. Warriors in 6.

Ken Davis, co-host, The D & Davis Show: The Cavaliers have steadily improved their play this playoffs against a wack ass East. But, like I said at the beginning of the season GET DUB CITY’S RINGS READY. The City, not the Land, in 6.

Troy Taormina, Custom
Kyrie Irving has been a conspicuous figure in both the first two Cavs-Warriors Finals, Sidney Brown says he’ll be the main factor in this one.

Sidney Brown, co-producer, The D & Davis Show: Cavs got it and Kyrie Irving will be MVP. Cavs in 6.

Evan F. Moore, journalist and educator: LeBron seems to be more determined than ever. And that determination seems to be rubbing off on the rest of team. Cavs in 7.

Jack M Silverstein, author of “How The GOAT Was Built“: I see another seven-game series, with LeBron once again proving himself as the best player in the Finals. Like in 2015, that won’t matter. KD not only wins his first ring but he earns Finals MVP honors while doing it. Warriors in 7.

Jason Kaestner, D & Davis Show/The Flip: LeBron, LeBron, LeBron — this year’s finals will be all about LeBron James. Tell your crazy uncle to stop bringing up MJ and Magic and just enjoy. It’s fun getting together every June for Cavs-Warriors. Enjoy this while it lasts. Cavs in 6.

Melvin Taylor, multimedia host and producer: I believe that Golden State will win the first game tonight. Coming out with something to prove against the Cavaliers (who will jump out ahead early) before the Warriors find their groove. Overall, I believe Cleveland will win. Cavs in 7.

Montezz Allen, author of “Watch Your Words”: Before the season started, I picked the Warriors to get it done. I’m sticking with it. Kevin Durant will win his first NBA championship this year and finally get the monkey off of his back. Warriors in 6.

Shakeia Taylor, writer and commentator: The Cavaliers let the Celtics get their hopes up a little then squashed them. They’ll likely do the same to the Warriors. The trilogy ends with the Cavs in 6.

Chris Sosa, digital producer, Chicago Tribune: Not even LeBron’s mighty shoulders are broad enough to carry K-Love and Kyrie past KD and the Splash Brothers. Hope you like counting by 3s. Warriors in 7.

Justin Dukes, WARR contributor: While picking Cleveland at the beginning of the season, I now believe GS has a good resemblance of the style of play, particularly on offense that got them a 3-1 lead last year, with Durant as a safety net just in case the Cavs can disrupt things again.

Credit: cleveland.com
GSW assistant coach Mike Brown has a chance to prove himself this Finals against a Cleveland franchise that fired him in 2014.

That, along with the likelihood of more contributions from their bench has me siding with Golden State. Warriors in 6.

Sean Terry, WARR co-founder: The theme of this years finals is Reparations – or at least that’s the case for Dub City assistant coach Mike Brown, who will be pinch hitting X&O’s in place of Steve Kerr.

The former head coach of the Cavs never deserved to take the fall for Lebron’s departure or Kyrie’s petulance but paybacks sure do ring sweet. Dub City in 6.

Demario Smith, journalist, founder of Culture Online: Lebron James demanded respect as a living legend with a Game 7 Finals victory in Oracle Arena last season. This season, his high-scoring Cavs look in better shape. Regardless of all that, too much firepower from GSW. Warriors in 6.

Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, the one and only: Round 3 of the Cavs and Warriors NBA Finals Epic is potent. Cavs or Warriors? Warriors or Cavs?! You’ve got better luck deciding on whether you want an Android or an iPhone!

The major keys to a Cavs victory will lean on defensive prowess and who will be the third strong scorer behind LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. My sentiments tell me that Tristian Thompson will be big for The Land. Cavs in 6… but it won’t be easy!

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