Watch: Scoop B Reminds Us of MJ’s Intensity With Horace Grant

With playoff basketball becoming a thing once again in Chicago, it makes good sense to remind ourselves of our city’s most unimpeachable competitor on the eve of the Bulls playing Game 3 against Boston on the West Side Friday night.

In a situation such as the one Jimmy Buckets, Flash and the rest of the gang are in — up 2-0 with a chance to put a stranglehold on the series — you’d have to feel that the one and only Michael Jordan would keep himself and his teammates in a state of ultra competitiveness.

To confirm that belief our guy Scoop B has this video link from his #scoopbradioovertime series on YouTube with original 3-peat Bull Horace Grant speaking on Mike’s innate ability to transform trusted teammates into vile opponents during practice, all in the name of making the Bulls much more willing to go all out in order to win title after title as they did in the 1990s.

It’d take a lot of squinting to see a championship team out of this current Bulls team, who just a week ago was more of a disappointment to many of the fans than anything else as they wasted our time through 82 games of literal mediocrity (41-41) to set themselves up for a certain 1st round exit with no type of Lottery pick to show for it.

Funny how a week changes things — last Friday Chicago couldn’t have felt further away from seeing its team play meaningful games, now its playing itself into a possible historic upset.

One person impressed with the Bulls’ effort so far this playoff season has been Charles Barkley, he and his Inside The NBA crew having mentioned the Bulls as being among their biggest surprises so far in their Thursday broadcast on TNT.

Catch him here with Scoop as they talk a bunch of subjects both on and off the court in this Overtime segment. Subscribe to Scoop’s YouTube page for more exclusive videos and other treats. Also, you can catch Scoop sitting in live with the D & Davis crew this Saturday on a brand new episode of The D & Davis Show on

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