Bears: Get Acquainted With The Complete 2017 Schedule

Yes, the Bulls are thrilling us again in the postseason, much deliberating is due towards the Blackhawks after their embarrassing sweep out of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and both sides of this baseball city have something to be encouraged about, if not entirely the Cubs’ or White Sox’s respective records.

But being the habitual line-steppers the NFL are, they don’t care much about working on anyone’s time but their own. And thus a regular season schedule reveal gets its prime-time in our sporting conscious alongside two playoffs and the eternal spring of the diamond — gotta respect it.

Check out links to all 32 NFL schedules here if you’re a gridiron agnostic, if you pray to the alter of the Monsters of the Midway (poor soul you are), you can see the Chicago Bears’ complete 2017 slate off here to the side with some added analysis in the video above.

It wouldn’t seem too prudent to dig deep into the upcoming schedule of a 3-13 team, especially prior to a much more important draft which is to come next week. Still some interesting facts pop up with each year’s schedule reveal. Here are a few to mull over in the time between now and the time Commissioner Goodell awkwardly hugs the next instant millionaire and public sacrifice to Da Bears’ faithful.

Falcons in Week 1, huh? — At home so we’re surely set up for a Glennon-Ryan shootout…well, one can dream. One positive: Bears fans can unmercifully make 28-3 jokes at our leisure seeing as ATL would still not have done anything to make people forget about the Super Bowl yet…until they likely run up that score or more against Chicago. Moving on..

Two and Out in Primetime — The Bears will have to prove themselves worthy of more showcase games this season. Only two night games are on the schedule, a Thursday-nighter at Green Bay in Week 4 and Monday night in Week 5 at home against Minnesota (we must add that the league tries to get every franchise in at least one Monday and Thursday game, noticeably absent is a placement on the big-rating Sunday Night on NBC schedule).

Got to figure this is for the best, it gives this still-developing Bears team less chances to be embarrassed on a major scale, but they’ll be playing both games so early they’ll likely be in the position of a team still figuring things out against blood-thirsty division rivals. May want to cut back on any possible gamenight parties.

Familiar Foes — Lot of former Bear connections or connections for current Bears to their past in these upcoming games. Mike Glennon returns to the humid shores of Tampa in Week 2 to try to prove that entire franchise wrong (Godspeed, stop-over QB…) while Week 8 sees General Manager Ryan Pace play prodigal son in New Orleans, from where Halas Hall hired him away.

Beyond those two highlights you got off-season wide receiver pickup Markus Wheaton playing Pittsburgh for the first time (Week 3), Martellus Bennett getting two good shots at the Bears in the Green Bay games, Pernell McPhee returning to Baltimore (Week 6), Alshon Jeffrey welcoming the Bears to his new Philly home (Week 12), Brian Hoyer likely leading the 49ers into Soldier Field (Week 13) in SFs fourth straight season playing the Bears and of course the Bears get a second shot at the Browns in the regular season after their routine preseason battle. Great news for those who have something better to do in late August, like walk their dog at dusk or rearrange their medicine cabinet or something.

With all the recent former Bears on the schedule though, fans will have plenty of times to imagine what the Bears would look like if they made some different decisions.

Delusion is not something Bears Nation is unfamiliar with, it could be downright useful during what may be another season where the team’s direction isn’t as simple as heading North — either in the standings or to the site of the next Super Bowl, U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

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